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What we’re about

Do you have a book, screenplay, blog, anything you've been working very hard on and would finally like someone to help you go from second draft to ready for publication?

If so, then join us as we meet up in locations around the Loudoun County area and put our creative experiences to good use!

The purpose of this group is to create a supportive network of aspiring authors. It's a lonely world out there when you write, not sure if what you've written is any good, and we all know we can be our own worst critic. As a group we can encourage each other to meet our goals as well as help each other when necessary.

If you are looking to enhance a writing project you've been sitting on this year and need a supportive group to help you along the way or some kind of structure to get you started, join us in Loudoun County!

Please note: we are primarily a critique group, so we expect you've done some writing and have something you'd like us to review and critique prior to our meetings. If you're just looking for someone to write with, please consider one of the local Write-In Writing Groups, such as the Herndon Write-In, and please come back when you're ready for an analysis of your work.