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What we’re about

Your Meetup to have a better understanding of what makes relationships work so they can have it in their life too

This group was formally called Healing Hearts in Miami/South Florida. The intention is to help in transforming, healing and growing at time when you may feel alone after a breakup while having support and connecting with others. What's evolved is the acknowledgement of God in the conversation. God has always been part of the healing but never discussed. God was present in the monthly support group and through the meditations.

This group is for you if you can answer yes to any of the below:
* Are you undergoing and have undergone a transition after a relationship ended that feels like it's dragging or stuck?
* Have you felt like the past may repeat itself so you don't bother to date so you don't make the same mistake?
* Are you open to meditation, prayer and reference from biblical scripture?

If you've answered yes to the above, this group is for you.

A note from the founder - Virginia Jimenez
I've started this group with one main goal: helping people stop making the same mistakes to have romantic relationship in your life again.

Basically, let go of what was, and making room for what's available NOW. Over 11 years ago, I experience traumatic heartache losing the ability to trust others and myself. Since then there has been a tremendous amount of growing, learning, action, and transformation. I want to pass on the baton to empower others to
• Break from the past and overcome limiting beliefs
• Live in the present and relish in gratitude for what is
• Create the possibility of having a fulfilling relationship again
• Provide a supportive community to achieve that
It's something I would have wanted when I was dealing with heartbreak and when I was tossing and turning fighting the desire to feel, connect and love once again.

Virginia, who are you and is there anyone with mental health background?
I am a love coach with my own experience with infidelity, and my work of self-awareness, discovery, evolution, and transformation which began in 2009. I started my personal work of growth to move forward in relationships at first by seeking therapists support (sex therapist, marriage counseling, and family therapist). I found that my growth actually took place when I hired a coach, attended group seminars that allowed me to connect with people and learn skills to . The approach is a bit different. I've participated in Robbin-Maddens Strategic Intervention as well as Gottman Relationship Training, and I have completed the mental health first aid training which is provided to civil servants (police officers, fire fighter, paramedics), and completed Deep Transformational Coaching.

How do you keep the group safe?
This group has a code of conduct to ensure that members feel safe. All those attending must agree to the rules to ensure everyone feels the space is non-judgemental, that members feel a sense of confidentiality and support. I will ask us all to agree to them verbally at the start of the meeting to the code.

What is the agreement we as members would have to make?
Maintain Confidentiality - I agree that what is shared in the group will stay in the group.
Listening - I agree to respectfully listen to the communication of other. To listen to understand instead of to respond. <br>
Open to mind and heart - I agree to “try on” and wear information I hear for a while as it stands. I release the need to evaluate or compare what I am learning." \

Responsibility - I agree to be open to creating new possibilities in my life by taking responsibility for my creations, reactions, experiences and relationships.
Group Intention: \

The intention of the group is to connect, share and allow for a safe space for healing hearts to step into their power, overcome limiting beliefs, grow and transform. To ensure this a truly safe, a commitment by members to create a trusting group environment is needed. This provides the basis for powerful transformation, empowering exploration, inspired collaboration and vibrant living.come together for the purpose of learning, creating, communicating or working are well supported when the creation and maintenance of a safe, trusting space is established.
As a member, each person agrees to practice these standards to the best of his or her ability.
You will commit to the below: \

* Maintain confidentiality. "What I see and hear that is personal or specific to another will stay here."
* Have an open and innocent mind and heart. "I allow myself to “try on” and wear the information for a while as it stands. I release the need to evaluate or compare what I am learning."
* Practice a positive focus. "I focus on what is working and what is right in a situation. I will fill my tank with the power of positivity."