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What we’re about

Congratulations on manifesting my Meetup group into your life!

You are here because you seek a service without the money grubbing of some of the OTHER services in the spiritual marketplace.

My meditation events combine Buddhist meditations like Loving Kindness, Vipassana and Zen Self-Inquiry. Wherever possible I try to incorporate one of the most POWERFUL sacred medicines: Laughter.

I am not affiliate with or any other Buddhist organizations.

All events are lovingly organized and hosted by me:

Amish Patel - ACTRA, WGC
Actor, Writer, Comedian
πŸ† Screen Award Winner
πŸ†πŸ† 2x Emmy Nomination Applicant
πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— Harvard* Certified Loving Kindness Coach

* My true path of liberation began when I studied Buddhism at Harvard online university.



Congratulations! On manifesting Metta into your life. You are in the right place, the MOST right place.
This is a free class, all I ask is you join my mailing list so I can keep everyone in one place and I don't have to keep checking twenty different websites. Just enter your name and email here and you should get a confirmation with a zoom link to the next meditation:
The fact that you are even considering this means that your vibration is Most High and as your Guru I will not let you down. Together I will guide you on a journey into your heart and re-charge your body and life with the most high universal SOURCE energy that animates us all.
You will be reminded that your life is a great adventure that You created so You can play with other like You!
9am - Doors and Vibe Check
Affirmations & a Fiery SERMON on Loving Kindness by award winning comedian Amish Patel
Habibis Habibis and Habibtis
Journey into the heart - Metta Meditation
Ego Death, REVELATION & Re-birth through Forgiveness Meditation
A psychedelic journey to infinity and back!

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