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What we’re about

Loving Soulfully: Relationship Support Group
When: every Tuesday from 8:15 to 9:15 pm Pacific Time.
(Tuesday 11:15pm-12:15 am Eastern USA and Wednesday 8:45-9:45 am India) 

Where: Zoom
(only members of the group get the Zoom link. Our conversations are not livestreamed, recorded or shared anywhere. We respect and honor the privacy of all members) 

Join a wonderful community of friends helping each other improve the quality of all our relationships. 

What will we talk about:
You, your relationship, the challenges you might be facing in your relationships.

You could be single, dating, celibate, married, partnered, gay, transgender, polyamorous, in an open relationship .... or any other relationship dynamic.

We believe that at the core of all relationship challenges lies our relationship with ourself. The relationship is a mirror, a bitter sweet spiritual path leading to self awareness, self acceptance and finally self love.

We will dive deep into the mysteries of self-love, soul-love, romantic love, relationships, communication and divine love.

We believe that love is a mystical journey; a spiritual path to self-awareness and awakening; a sacred space for the evolution of the soul and the expansion of the heart.

We believe that the notions of soul-mate love and self-love popular today do not capture the true meaning of how to attract, nurture and sustain a soulful relationship.

We will discuss practical ways in which to improve the quality of our relationships, to recognize soul lovers, to cherish and preserve love.

Look forward to seeing you on the Zoom call. 

Fees: there is no membership fee at this time. Donations are welcome on Venmo @rohitjuneja

Facilitator: Rohit Juneja, Spiritual Director/Counselor/Mentor.
He is the author of “Loving Soulfully.”To download a free copy of his book go to
To know more about him go to
To see his videos on YouTube go to

We look forward to having you join us in bringing more love into our lives.
Thanks and see you soon.

If you would like to be on our primary mailing list please submit your email at You will also receive a free pdf ebook copy of Rohit's book "Loving Soulfully"