The Power of Community for Mental Health

Community has the power to change lives. In an 80-year study, researchers at Harvard found that community has a profound impact on mental and physical health. Having close personal relationships delays aging and prolongs happiness. Check out the following resources to make Meetup part of your mental health regimen.

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Mental Health

5 Ways You Can Promote Mental Health Every Day

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so we’re sharing five easy ways to promote mental health in your daily life.


Happiness in Five Steps: How to Change Your State of Mind

For the International Day of Happiness, learn how to spend your free time in the most uplifting and smile-inducing way possible.

Meetup support group

Meetup Support Groups Are Here to Help

Support groups combat the sense of isolation that accompanies life’s biggest challenges. Togetherness is what Meetup stands for.

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Eight Daily Hacks for a Healthier Lifestyle

These easy-to-implement tips will help you turn simple adjustments into real progress.

Community Matters articles on mental health

Read advice and how-to guides from Meetup’s Community Matters blog.

Keep Connected Postcast

Episode 21: Finding Happiness, Beating Loneliness

Learn Harvard positive psychology instructor Tal Ben-Shahar’s advice for living a happier, healthier life on this episode of the Keep Connected podcast.

Keep Connected Postcast

Episode 36: Being Comfortable With Being Different

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Bradi Nathan joins the podcast to talk about the importance of being outspoken about different struggles we all face.

Keep Connected Postcast

Episode 53: Practicing Happiness With Jewel

In this special two-year anniversary episode of Keep Connected, singer-songwriter Jewel discusses her mental health journey and mission to bring therapeutic resources to those who need them most.

Keep Connected Postcast

Episode 60: How to Turn Off Your Inner Critic

An author and Comedy Central veteran discusses finding internal validation and stopping negative self-talk on the Keep Connected podcast.

Keep Connected Postcast

Episode 6: Mindfulness for Any Style

Boston-based Meetup organizer Ron Levine describes his path from being a mindfulness skeptic to becoming a seasoned meditation guide in this episode of Meetup’s Keep Connected podcast.

Meetup’s Keep Connected podcast episodes on mental health topics


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Hear from psychologists, bestselling authors, mental health experts, and more.

Mental health event recordings from Meetup Live

Meetup Live

Recording: Critical Conversations for Mental Health

Hear about suicide warning signs and how to spot them so you can intervene appropriately.

Meetup Live

Recording: Getting Through It, Support Communities on Meetup

In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, learn from two Meetup organizers who run very successful support and mental health related groups.

Meetup Live

Recap: Resilience Skills You Need Right Now

Dr. G (Deborah Gilboa, MD), a board-certified family physician, shares resilience skills to help you reduce stress and cope with anything life throws your way.

Meetup Live

Recording: Combating Loneliness through Human Connection

Join Jennifer Libby for a conversation on how to combat loneliness with connectedness.

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Recording: Strategies for Ending Loneliness

If you struggle with feelings of disconnection and isolation, this event is for you.

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Watch experts on mental health and wellbeing in this selection of recordings.

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More resources

Learn more about organizations working to provide mental health resources to those who need it.

Only7Seconds is a nonprofit organization addressing loneliness by encouraging and empowering individuals to connect with others who matter in their lives. 

Speaks 2 Inspire promotes mental wellness by creating safe spaces for young people to learn and connect through the art of storytelling.

For more than 20 years, singer-songwriter Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation (ICF) has been transforming the lives of at-risk youth through a whole human approach to physical, emotional, and mental health.

Promly is a Gen Z-focused social enterprise that aims to unify a generation by empowering human connectedness and providing holistic support and education. 

NAMI provides advocacy, education, support, and public awareness so that all individuals and families affected by mental illness can build better lives.

The Meetup difference

Jen Libby

“Meetup is a change agent. I prescribe Meetup to my patients, as there is value in being face-to-face with others, and generally, people leave events feeling better than when they arrived. Finding like-minded people creates a deeper level of connectedness that goes beyond social media likes or comments. By engaging in conversation, and simply being in the same space as someone else, you can fill that empty space that a person may feel is inside. Connectedness is the base of human happiness. Connect and you will be more content and have better health outcomes.”

—Jen Libby, MSW, LCSW, Psychotherapist

David Good

"As someone with Aspergers and treatment-resistant depression that has had career setbacks because of illness and injury, Meetup helped me figure out the world of people and gave me new purpose and meaning in life. Serving others by running groups in cities worldwide has been the greatest treatment I've found for my depression."

—David Good, Founder of International Friend Connection

Matt Shaffer

“I've recommended Meetup to my clients. Their experiences have not only led to positive emotions and healthy social relationships, but a noticeable, positive change overall in their mental health. When people are going through a life change, or shifting social dynamics, they struggle with forming high-quality social connections with new people. Platforms like Meetup allow a concrete path towards increased high-quality social connections that are values-aligned and leverage people's existing, or growing, areas of interest.

—Matt Shaffer, LCSW

Alaina Forte

"I first heard of Meetup in 2017. I was getting treatment for my mental health. The therapist said, ‘You should join Meetup. You can make friends. You can build communities and interact with lots of new people.’ I think it’s therapeutic because when I’m doing something active with people, I’m learning about them and making connections authentically."

—Alaina Forte, Meetup member

This page contains information and resources from many sources, including professionals and organizations that offer mental health, health care, and other services. Meetup does not provide treatment, therapy, or medical advice. If you are experiencing a mental health emergency or emotional crisis, you should contact 911, other emergency services, or a dedicated helpline immediately.

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