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It’s easy to start a book club for women, seniors, Kindle readers or non-fiction lovers, and make new friends! Whether you want to meet in person or online, Meetup will help you schedule events and find fellow readers. You pick the book—we’ll help with the rest.

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Why Use Meetup:

3 million+ Meetup members share your interest in book clubs. 

Start up to 3 local or online groups

Simple hosting tools to schedule events in minutes

In-person, online, or hybrid event options

Automatic group and event promotion to find new members

Unlimited events and attendees

Ability to collect ticket fees and group dues






Million members

What Meetup book groups are saying


“I started my book club in 2013 hoping to make some friends in my community and, wow, this group has exceeded every expectation I had. We are 14 amazing women who started as strangers and now are close friends. We meet over Zoom to stay connected. It’s no exaggeration to say my life would not be the same without this group.”

—Meetup organizer


 “I am very pleased with my Meetup group, Mocha Girls Read. Since joining the group, I am reading more and enjoying what I read. The group discussions are a way to learn and share different topics from the books. I am now reading more than expected during this pandemic and I appreciate that so much.”

—Meetup member

Start your next chapter today

Don’t wait for the world to get back to the way it was—activate your social life now. You have the power to safely start a book club, discuss great stories, and make new friends. Meetup will connect you with the people who share your taste in books. 

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