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Tech Groups and Events: Connect Over Technology with Meetup

Meet people who share your love of technology by joining tech Meetup groups and tech events. Technology activities range from coding to fintech, and cloud security.

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Join tech groups for your interests, from data science and machine learning to cybersecurity and fintech. Make new friends, expand your skill set, and widen your network.

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Thousands of technology events, webinars, and workshops happen online every day. Search Meetup to see what’s happening.

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Meet locals who care about technology as much as you do. Expand your knowledge and network at the same time. Learn about coding, cybersecurity, the latest trends in technology, and more with fellow enthusiasts.

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There are thousands of groups dedicated to tech on Meetup, with events happening every day.

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Tips for using Meetup to meet new friends

Tips for using Meetup to meet new friends

There’s nothing like sharing an interest to help spark a friendship. Here’s how to use Meetup to meet new friends.

  1. Find events and join groups for your interests by searching on Meetup. Try topics like “pickleball,” “book clubs,” “hiking,” or “board games.”
  2. Make a commitment to attend at least one event a week.
  3. At the Meetup event, start conversations with people you meet. Remember, they’re there to meet people too. If you’re shy, try a few of these ice-breaking techniques.
  4. Repeat the experience by attending more events from the same group. Friendship takes time. Get to know your Meetup community and friendship will follow.

Read below for blog articles with more tips for using Meetup to make like-minded friends where you live.

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As hard as it is to make new friends as an adult, it's profoundly easier when you share something in common with someone you meet. That's the beauty of the Meetup app!

Brianna Stryker, Meetup member

Stories from Meetup members

Meetup Tech Groups: Why Joining Makes Sense for Every Career

Meetup Tech Groups: Why Joining Makes Sense for Every Career

Tech skills are becoming more valuable across all industries. Joining a tech group can help you succeed in nearly any line of work.

4 Ways to Advance Your Career in Tech

4 Ways to Advance Your Career in Tech

Expand your skill set, create an impressive portfolio, and build your network by attending Meetup tech events.

Building Trust in Tech: A Q&A with Jaira Romero

Building Trust in Tech: A Q&A with Jaira Romero

Jaira Romero founded two online communities to help women and people of color find remote tech positions. Hear Jaira’s advice for advancing your career in this Q&A with Meetup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular tech topics on Meetup?

Some of the most popular topics for technology groups are data science, machine learning, cloud security, open-source software, coding, fintech, cryptocurrency, and Web3. These topics reflect trends in the industry and change all the time as new technology gets popular.

How do you find a tech event that’s right for you?

Start with your interests. Whether you want to pick up a new coding language or want to hear about the latest in AI practicess, there are groups talking about the hottest topics in technology on Meetup. Search for topics that appeal to you and join some groups.

What are some benefits of joining a tech group?

The benefits of joining a tech group extend beyond the tech industry. By joining a tech group you can learn new skills, expand your professional network, hear about trending topics, and meet people who share your interests. Your next contact could lead to your next big career move.