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The Literary RPG Society of Westchester Monthly Meetup

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The Literary RPG Society of Westchester Monthly Meetup


We are a group of RPG enthusiasts forming an open ended discussion society that seeks to share ways to advance our RPG Worlds toward a higher, more literary quality, through the study of the art of storytelling, the use of gamesmastering techniques, as well as the adaptation of classical literature and cross-cultural mythology for our RPGs. We take as our inspiration Tolkien, CS Lewis, George MacDonald, Charles Williams, Robert Howard, A.A. Attanasio, Roger Zelazny, etc, etc, etc.

We will also be glad to help organize and host RPGs, arrange for meeting new players and Gamesmasters, and collaborate on the advancement of our own games - all over darn good pub fare and beverages. Talk typically centers around our experiences and ideas on Gamesmastering and World Weaving (the art of creating a mythopoetic fantasy world). Gamesmasters, World Weavers and Players are welcome.

We've had a quite a few meetings over time and all of them have been lively, informative and fun. Please join us if you are interested in discussing techniques and ideas for World Weaving and Gamesmastering high caliber Literary quality Worlds. Also, anyone who is interested in putting together meetings related to the above subjects, or has new ideas and/or enthusiasm to help get things going - YOU can be Promoted to Legendary Co-Organizer of the LRPGSW. Help with getting things together is always appreciated. :)

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The Literary RPG Society of Westchester
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