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Every 3 months on the 2nd Saturday

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Event Agenda and Speaker info

10:45 - Registration

11:00 - Tea

11:15 - Opening

11:20 - Running Kafka in AWS - Sameer Kumar, Intuit.

A unified, high-throughput, low-latency platform for handling real-time data feeds in AWS cloud using Apache Kafka. It can store several terabytes of history. It can scale to several hundreds of megabytes of messages per second, support low latency of communication in the middle of all that.

Sameer Kumar is a Staff Engineer at Intuit and has 10 years of industry experience

11:55 - Benchmark: AWS Elastic Compute Resource for OLTP load with MySQL - Kiran Vittalapur, Samsung Research Institute, Bangalore

It is a challenge for System Operation team to choose the right class of AWS virtual machines to host Mysql Database to serve Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) load. AWS named as a Leader in Gartner’s Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Magic Quadrant for 7th Consecutive Year till 2017. Also as per StackOverflow survey on "Most popular databases in 2017", MySQL is at top. AWS is a public cloud hosting provider and uses virtualization to provide infrastructure as services and platform as service. Traditionally, databases are run with dedicated hardware, with predetermined capacity. In this work, limits of AWS instance performance with respect to Mysql database is measured through a reusable benchmark process. It would also provide guidance to choose appropriate AWS resource for a suitable need.

Kiran currently leads Databases and Big Data operation team at SRIB. He is having 16+ years in industry experience managing RDBMS, NoSQL and Bigdata systems in very large scale environments. Before joining Samsung he has worked for Nokia, HP, Bank Bazar etc.

12:30 - Hands on Session on GraphQL: Part - I Background - Deepak Shevani (30 mins)

GraphQL is an open-source query language for fetching application data. Designed to solve some of the biggest drawbacks of REST-like APIs, GraphQL is easy to learn and can be used with any back end — SQL, MongoDB, Redis, etc. In this talk, we will know where GraphQL fits in larger ecosystem of APIs. With GraphQL in your kitty, you will be more aware next time you design your system.

Deepak Shevani is currently software engineer at Microsoft working with Azure team. Prior to this he was at Flipkart, where he worked for teams building next generation of e-commerce platforms. He has also worked at Yahoo as part of search team, where his focus areas were image and video search algorithms.

13:00 - Lunch

13:50 - GraphQL hands on - Deepak Shevani(30 mins)

In this workshop, we will create a Node.js based GraphQL application. We will also see how you can use other implementations like graphql-dotnet and create application that will be deployed on Azure
Prerequisites : Best to have Node.js and NPM installed on your favorite OS. rest we will carry out in the class. Please follow the preparatory steps from

14:30 - ELK Hands on - Himanshu Chandwani, LinkedIn (90 mins)

Target Audience : Whoever wants to learn about ELK in general.
Takeaway: In the end attendees will know how ELK operates and should be able to setup/manage own ELK cluster.
Workshop will cover: Intro to all three components (ELK), how to setup your own ELK setup and how to analyze data using ELK.
Please refer to this link for preparation :

Himanshu is with LinkedIn for 5+ yrs. He worked with various teams, on productions app stack, staging, datacenter buildouts, deployments, internal tooling and more. He is managing ELK clusters since last 3 yrs.

16:00 Onward - Networking.

Parking directions: Enter Global Technology Park and take the first parking entry ramp, on the right, for Tower A. Park in the upper basement parking space. Take the tower A elevator to 6th floor and register for the event.