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Quarterly Large Scale Production Engineering (LSPE) meet up

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Event Agenda and Speaker info

10:45 - Registration

11:00 - Tea

11:15 - Opening and Keynote

11:30 - Scalable logging on Kubernetes using FluentD/Elasticsearch - Chandresh Pancholi, Lead, One Concern

The talk will compare few centralized logging solutions, explain how Fluentd fits the Kubernetes and container use case. Go through how to build a scalable logging pipeline step by step and discuss different challenges and how to tackle those.

Chandresh is working as Software engineer and leading India office for One Concern. He has 6+ years of experience in field of Quality Assurance, Software Development, Infrastructure engineering. He started his career with Flipkart and worked for a startup owned by Textile giant (Arvind Group). He is been open source contributor and committer to Apache software foundation. He regularly speaks in meet-ups, conferences about Container technologies (Kubernetes, FluentD, Prometheus, Istio, ... )

12:15 - MySQL topology healing - Varun Arora, Database Operation Manager and Hareesh Haridass, Database Architect with OLA

The talk will elaborate on how to detect and Heal your MySQL topology with MySQL Orchestrator .
Varun Arora is a seasoned MySQL professional managing the database Infra in OLA and Foodpanda for the past 2.5 years, prior to which he was a Lead DBA at Paytm. Hareesh Haridas is database architect fixing the database infra and performance at Ola and Foodpanda for past 2.5 years . Prior to Ola he was tackling the MySQL at Yahoo!

1:00 - Lunch

2:00 - Serverless meets CI/CD, a hands on session - Sanket, SRE LinkedIn.

In the session Sanket will introduce CI/CD and serverless. AWS Lambda and API Gateway would be as Serverless platform and Bitbucket Pipelines for CI/CD. Starting with making a Hello World Flask app the session would build a pipeline that would deploy the app on AWS Lambda and make it available as an API with just a commit in git repo. For the hands on session please be ready with with per-requisites mentioned here :

Sanket is currently a Site Reliability Engineer with LinkedIn where he is working on Capacity Engineering initiative. He previously worked with Directi where he took care of Hadoop infrastructure, metrics, monitoring and incident management pipelines.

3:15 - Basics: evolving a single node application server to a scalable Kubernetes Cluster - Srinivas Sutrave, Staff engineer, VMWare

In this talk Srinivas will walk us through how he converted a single node PoC application server to a scalable Kubernetes cluster for fault tolerance, high availability and manageability without any developer support.

Srinivas is seasoned PE/SRE/Devops who has seen an evolving IT industry from single node 386 and DOS to thousands node search clusters serving world's second most popular search engine traffic. Before joining VMWare Srini worked for Oracle, Yahoo and AoL to name last three.

3:45 - Open forum

4:00 onwards - Tea, snacks and networking.