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#31 Quarterly Large Scale Production Engineering (LSPE) meet up

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Debansu and 2 others


Event Agenda and Speaker info

10:45 - Registration

11:00 - Tea

11:15 - AI in Operation trends - Opening Note, Debansu Saha, Samsung Research Institute Bangalore.

Debansu is one of the founders of the Large Scale Production Engineering India community.

11:30 - Open NMS at work @ Walmart Labs - Arkadip Basu and Rishi, Global Network Infra Engineering, Walmart Labs, Bangalore

12:15 - How Prometheus and Grafana helps to monitor Oracle Cloud - Arvind Kumar, Oracle India.
Prometheus and Grafana are recommended monitoring stack in Cloud Native Foundation's guide. In this talk Arvind will explain how the stack can be easily integrated to monitor infrastructure and application with specific use case of monitoring cloud services running in OCI.

1:00 - Lunch

2:00 - Scaling out with ScyllaDB @ OLA - Anil Yadav, Engineering Manager, OLA
In this talk Anil is going to explain why did we choose ScyllaDB over other NoSQL Solution. He would explain the hard way of learning things with their Journey on ScyllaDB.
Anil is an Engineer Manager at Ola Cabs working on database and infrastructure. He has experience in Architecture, Design, High Availability and Performance tuning. Prior to Ola, he has worked on Snapdeal and PayTM's data infrastructure.

2:45 - CSV processing at scale - Suraj Nath, Clarisights

Clarisights deals with a lot of CSV files - around 582 Million CSV rows every week. In his talk Suraj will present how and why they built "Rig" - their system (using Apache Drill) to handle gigabytes of CSV files which they get from users. The talk will will explain how Apache Drill enables one to run SQL for aggregation and filters. It will share the challenges and learning to build and run Rig in production.
Suraj Nath is an Infrastructure Engineer at Clarisights. He works on core infrastructure which is responsible for ingesting billions of records per day. He has built micro-services using technologies like gRPC and Kubernetes, and his team operates those services at scale. He loves chai, contributing to FLOSS, and talking about his work at meetups.

3:30 - Open forum, networking & tea

Outer Ring Rd · Bengaluru, Ka
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