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What we’re about

Come practice Japanese, talk about interesting topics, and make friends!

We will follow the typical order of activities:

1. self introduction

2. group discussion about today's topic

3. one on one (or one on two) talking (partner changed every 15 minutes)

See you then!

========= Japanese Only =========


Our events are only in Japanese. But don't worry if you can't speak that well! We will help you according to your level. If you don't speak English well, it's ok!

==== Keep the Conversation going on Facebook ====

Continue to interact with everyone even when we are not meeting.

Join the Facebook group!

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========= This Group is Affiliate with IU-Connect ========

This group is operated by IU-Connect (株式会社IU-Connect)

IU-Connect's mission is to take down the

mental barriers


language barriers

between Japanese people and the world. We focus mainly on English communication, making friends and building connections with people from all over the world.

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