LuxembourgJS Online Meetup - November 2020

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# testing-library
By Luís Rodrigues
Luís Rodrigues lives in Lisbon, Portugal and is a software engineer at Springer Nature.

Frontend test automation seems hard but it’s only as hard as you make it. Are you bogged down by endless component tests and still not sure your application won’t break? I talk about the advantages of testing your frontend from the perspective of the people using it, and bust some myths about unit testing and the supposed convenience of shallow component rendering.

# Azure Javascript Services
By Jonathan Hiben
JavaScript has been used on the backend for some time now. But if you are a frontend developer, there's still a lot to learn to be proficient in the backend. Azure offers interesting services that any developer can get started with, without requiring any deep technical knowledge. Let's discover some of those services together.

- create a simple API with Azure Functions and Azure Cosmos DB
- fetch the API with a React app
- get realtime changes with Azure SignalR
- deploy the React app to Azure CDN
- (if time allows it) add authentication to the React app


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