• Lean Product Development

    Ben Franklin Tech Ventures

    If you're working on a new product, or trying to improve an existing product, this is a meetup you don't want to miss. Join us as Sneha Mandala takes a look at applying lean manufacturing to product development. Lean thinking has traditionally been considered applicable to manufacturing and process related operations only. This decade, the concept of applying lean thinking to Product development has gained popularity. Whether is creating a new product or continuously improving a process, lea thinking means creating more value with lesser waste. What would you do if you have limited resources but great ideas to develop a product? Lean product development occurs in three stages: - Human-centric innovative thinking to gather customer and market data - Lean prototyping to create a minimal viable prototype to iteratively test and improve - Using agile methodology to create more frequent and smaller check-in points with customer to build on your product Join us for a dive into applying lean principles to new product development when you have limited resources. Schedule: 6:30 - Networking / Food 7:00 - Welcome 7:10 - Presentation 8:30 - Q&A / Wrapup Sneha Mandala is the Learning Manager at Fanatics and former Amazon Program Manager. She is a Master of Science graduate in Industrial Engineering, certified in Program management, with 5 years of expertise in Leadership, Learning, and Talent Development.

  • 3rd Annual Innovation and LV Collegiate Business Pitch Summit

    Ben Franklin Tech Ventures

    The event will feature some of the region’s most innovative companies and most entrepreneurial students. During the early segment of the event, large and small Lehigh Valley companies will be showcasing their newest, most innovative products. Later, students from colleges across the Lehigh Valley will compete in the 3rd Annual LV Collegiate Business Pitch Summit. Up to ten colleges from the region will send a team to compete for $3,000+ in prize money. Bonded together with networking, the Lehigh Valley Innovation and Collegiate Business Pitch Summit will give you an inside look at the present and future of the Lehigh Valley economy.

  • Big Data from Little Things: Consuming and Processing Streaming Data from IoT

    This month is all about big data from little things. Paul and Tom will show how they used open source tools to model and learn from data streamed from IoT devices. If you're interested in big data, machine learning, or leveraging data from multiple sensors and devices - this is the meetup for you. Schedule - 6:30pm - Food / Networking - 7:00pm - Best Mode Quotient - Edge to AI - 8:30pm - Q&A / Wrap-up Best Mode Quotient - Edge to AI Perceived fatigue has been established to be an important part of performance prediction and injury prevention for athletes. Using open source technology, we set out to try and model perceived amount of fatigue (a.k.a. Best Mode Quotient) using data from IoT devices and launching ephemeral machine learning models in the cloud. Cloudera and Hortonworks have recently merged to create an open source leader that combines the best-of-breed big data technologies in the data flow, machine learning and AI space. During this meetup, you will learn how to leverage Cloudera’s suite of tools (Nifi, Spark, CDSW and Cloudbreak) for Edge to AI hybrid infrastructures. Speakers: Paul has been playing with large amounts of data since the beginning of his career in France. Local resident of Philadelphia since 2008, he was always interested in learning about the latest technologies and their implications in our daily lives. With this technical expertise, he worked as an architect and technology evangelist for companies big and small. He now is a part of the Solution Engineering team at Cloudera and leads the Future of Data group in Philadelphia. Tom has been working with data for almost 20 years. He is currently a Solutions Engineer with Cloudera and works with some of the largest companies in the world who value data as a strategic asset. Many of those organizations have data footprints in the petabyte and exabyte scale while also having to leverage that data in near real-time to drive decision making and actionable intelligence. Tom assists these organizations with not only their data strategy and architecture, but also in how they leverage open source technology to perform machine learning and artificial intelligence. Tom currently resides in the Lehigh Valley.

  • Hands On: Design Thinking

    Ben Franklin Tech Ventures

    This is a meetup you don't want to miss. Design thinking is a process based approach to problem solving. Whether you're trying to design physical products, improve processes, or architect complex systems, design thinking can be an effective tool. In this hands on workshop, Shannon Varcoe from Lehigh's Baker Institute will lead as we explore the process of design thinking. During the evening we'll split into teams, collaborate over example design problems, and discuss how the process worked. - 6:30pm - Food / Networking - 7:00pm - Hands On Workshop - 8:30pm - Wrap-up

  • LVTech Meetup / 2019 Lightning Bar

    Ben Franklin Tech Ventures

    A new month and feel for our sometime annual holiday meetup. Instead of during the busy month of December, we're kicking off 2019 with this relaxed event to catch up - or connect for the first time - with the tech community in the Lehigh Valley. Maybe your new year's resolution is to grow your technical skills, or get to know more like minded people, or maybe start to speak at events - either way, this is the meetup for you! Never been to one of these? This is Lightning Talk (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lightning_talk) meets Bar Camp (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp). Here's how it works: show up at 7:00 and signup for a 5 minute talk slot. Something you're passionate about, first come first serve. Then at 7:30, things start. - 6:30pm - Food / Lightning Bar Signup - 7:00pm - Talks Start - 8:00pm - Wrap-up / LVTech 2019 So come and talk about something you're building, something you love using, what exciting problems are being solved, or what makes you excited to take on 2019!

  • LVTech Fieldtrip: CREATIVATE!

    E.W. Fairchild-Martindale Library and Computing Center

    As we've done previous years, we're happy to encourage LVTech members to attend the Baker Institute's Creativate. This yearly event is a celebration of creativity and innovation. So stop by and interact with student entrepreneurs and their projects! You'll be sure to find other LVTech members there, and this is an event you won't want to miss. Find more information here: https://www.lehighbakerinstitute.com/creativate And once you hit the RSVP button on Meetup (and you're going to, right?), fill out the form here too: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScSQqoPnQeGhKTdSkI7X93CugiuWdWRHRuHzHgqh5xIIt1HNA/viewform

  • LVTech Fieldtrip: Lehigh Makeathon Presentations

    Wilbur Powerhouse

    Inspired by the traditional Hackathon, LU Makeathon is a 24-hour long competition where teams and individuals are challenged to create physical solutions to problems relating to a certain theme. The best ideas and execution will earn prizes at the end of the competition. You don’t have to be a programmer or an engineer to win Makeathon. Regardless of your background, anyone can make a difference, and that is the mission of LU Makeathon. Join other LVTech members at the Makethon presentations, and see what the teams have built!

  • LVTech Meetup: The New FabLab, 3D Printing, Laser Cutters & More

    NCC Fowler Family Center Southside Center

    This month we’ll head to the brand new FabLab, for a demo of a large scale 3D printer build by one of the FabLab instructors, a sampling of some of the interesting things you can do with a laser cutter, and a walk through of the new space. This is a meetup you don’t want to miss! Remember, the FabLab is open to the public, so come see the great tools and resources are available. Schedule 6:30 - Food / Networking 7:00 - Welcome and Intro to the FabLab 7:10 - 3D Printing Demo 7:30 - Laser Cutter Demo 7:50 - Tour of the New Space 8:30 - Q&A / Wrap Up

  • LVTech Meetup: The Blockchain

    Seed Development

    Interested in the blockchain - the technology that powers cryptocurrency - without a bunch of cryptocurrency hype? This is the meetup for you. Chris Allen is the organizer of the Lehigh Valley Crypto Tech Meetup and co-founder of RigShare. RigShare is a local cryptocurrency miner which offers consulting, equipment, and contracts. From Chris: I'll be talking about blockchain, its current state, and its future potential. We'll learn about the core blockchain concepts that have inspired the creation of countless visions and led to the wild fluctuations in value. We'll also cover a few current applications of blockchain that illustrate how it could become a disruptive force in our lives. My hope is that we'll be able to cut through the noise to deliver a solid technical understanding of what blockchain can do, can't do, and how it might transform trust and value in the digital age. Bit thanks to Seed Development for hosting us, make sure you turn off autopilot and meet us in downtown Allentown.