Feb 5: London CALLING...UK Health System / Retail / DTC Overview

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London CALLING (https://bit.ly/1kFur7I)...is your company ready?

“The NHS” is not a monolithic organisation delivering your startup to the entire UK market in one giant leap, yielding fortune and riches. Indeed, contrary to common belief, it is neither a single organisation, nor is it likely to make such a procurement. But do not despair. The UK is so much more than ‘The NHS’ and there are an abundance of established and proven ways of addressing both the public and the private sectors of this immense market. This presentation will introduce the truth about how the UK market is structured, and offer a step-by-step guide on how it is possible to penetrate it.

Date: Tuesday, February 5th
Time: 9:15-10:45am
Venue: 25 Hamered Street, 17th Floor, Tel Aviv
Parking: 1500 spots at the Tahana; Two public lots on Hamered Street
Jeremy Cummin (https://bit.ly/2KSpYSc) founded, built and sold Telehealth Solutions, the UK's largest telehealth exit (at the time). Jeremy founded his first company in 1978 and has built, grown and sold numerous UK digital health and healthcare businesses.

Steve Hazelwood (https://bit.ly/2R4aRYt), brings three decades of experience introducing products to the UK DTC and retail markets

Simon Marks, (https://bit.ly/2RWzjjL), British national and Head of Hi-Tech Department at ERM Law Firm will address how to prepare for No Deal BREXIT: https://bit.ly/2o0lnUq

9:15-9:25am Networking
9:25-9:30 Welcome Remarks
9:30-9:45 BREXIT- Now What?
9:45- 10:05am UK Healthcare Market Overview
10:05-10:30am UK Retail / Direct to Consumer Overview
10:30 Q&A

London CALLING (https://bit.ly/1kFur7I) on Tuesday, February 5th, 9:15-10:45am...will your company answer the call?