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An event about machine learning for all concerned ! Industry and academia speakers sharing their expertise on algorithms, analysis, infrastructure and more ! The event is totally free

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Um evento sobre machine learning para todos os interessados! Palestrantes da industria e academia compartilhando sua experiencia sobre algorithmos, analyse, infra-structura e muito mais! Algums dos themas appresentados até agora

O evento é totalmente gratuito.


Examples of presentations:

• Convolutional Neural Network

• RNN and LSTM

• Recommendation System

• Pre-trained model

• Ensembling

• Feature engineering

• Data structure for big data (Hash function, Locality Sensitive Hashing, Bloom Filter, Page Rank, A-priori algorithm, Cuckoo filter)

• Using spark for data processing

• Reinforcement Learning

• Dimensionality Reduction (PCA, TSNE)

• Decision Tree and Random Forest and Boosting

• LDA / word2vec

Ethics in Data Science


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