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Tristen Tyler B.

Organizer, The hidden layer


San Diego, CA

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Sep 30, 2016


Data driven, intellectually curious and enthusiastic about applying Machine learning techniques to discover some of the worlds hidden secrets. I am passionate about participating in one of history's most exciting periods.

What is the most exciting real-world problem you want to solve?

I believe that Science should play a more prominent role in American social and political thought. I am building a collaborative community for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Bioinformatics enthusiasts. These fields have the power to improve the quality of life for humanity and it is our mission to contribute to this cause.

What steps have you already taken towards achieving this mission?

Founded The Machine Learning Society. The "First way" that ideas and products are created is Corporations, The "Second way" that brilliant people contribute to society is through Universities, I believe in the "Third way", which is the spontaneous organization of passionate people that have the necessary talent and will to change the world. That's MLS in a nutshell.

Are you employed in the Data Science field? or currently looking for work?

Transitioning from finance to Bioinformatics and Robotics

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