Monthly meetup - October

Location image of event venue


We're going for a talk + hack hours as usual.

Talk: Async/Await in Rust
Duration: 1 hour
Speaker: Ravi Shankar
Rustacean level: Beginner-Advanced

In this talk, Ravi will go through the evolution of asynchronous "futures" in Rust - how futures were introduced, how they changed, and how elegant they're right now.

Event: Hack hours
Duration: 2 hours
Rustacean level: Beginner-Advanced

NOTE: Please bring your laptops if you're planning to attend this!

Hack hours is a post-meetup event where we split into groups, collaborate and work on problems/projects/issues - the keyword being "collaborate" - it could be a pairing session, it could be someone mentoring a group, or it could simply be a bunch of folks hacking on something. It's open for all kinds of audiences!

P.S. The goal is to kick start something and continue working on it after the event. So, don't expect to finish off whatever we started in that 2 hours.

See y'all there!