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Winter play time!
It's getting cold so let's get together and play somewhere warm! This weeks location is... Rotating weekly indoor play options! We can rotate through anyone's house that is interested in hosting (please feel free to message me or just post in the comments if you're interested), hit up the Goodman center for Tot time (2 and under is free, $3 for 3 and older), check out a neighborhood library, visit the Children's Museum, or feel free to suggest something in your neighborhood to add and we can check it out.

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Meet other Madison, Wisconsin Stay At Home Dads, Part-time at home dads, work from home dads, freelance dads, working dads, and involved fathers in and around Madison to socialize and interact with other guys who enjoy spending quality time with their kids during the day.

Our primary goal is to form an inclusive & active community of involved dads so we can do activities together and take advantage of the wonderful resources that our city has to offer.

Organized meet up events are offered several times per week at a local park, playground, museum, playgym, children's venue, parent & me class, zoo, restaurant, or someone's playroom/lounge in their building.

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