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What we’re about

Leadership is everywhere

Madison’s technology community is rapidly growing. This group is dedicated to sharing stories, philosophies, tools and tactics around the topic of engineering leadership to help grow Madison’s rapidly growing engineering landscape.

Discussion topics include:

* Management as a career change, not a promotion.

* What being a leader means in a highly technical role, such as senior engineer.

* Team culture.

* Scaling engineering teams.

* Career paths.

* Team Diversity

* The Peter Principle and Impostor Syndrome.


This meet-up will be during business hours. Other meet-ups are after work and, historically, humans transitioning into management have other obligations after business hours to attend to.

Each meet-up will have a topic and presentation. After the presentation, there will be a break-out into smaller groups to discuss and share, and then we’ll regroup to share our findings.

“A rising tide will lift all boats.” - JFK