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A/B Testing Basics to Drive Incremental Growth and Learn About Your Users

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Beth Tucker L.


Data is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage in business. A/B testing is a statistically backed way to compare two experiences and measure the differences between them, giving you crucial information about how people use your site. A/B testing allows organizations to compare ideas and pick the best one for their customers and for their bottom line based on hard quantitative data. Websites just happen to be the perfect place to run tests and get meaningful results. This talk will give you the basics on A/B testing covering strategy, tool landscape, development process and as much statistics as I can considering I'm a developer. It will also cover commit issues, pitfalls and growing pains we commonly see in testing programs as they get started and grow.

Scott has been creating experiences on the web for 12 years. He has spent the last 5 years focusing on A/B testing and personalization as a Senior Optimization Engineer, problem solver and consultant at Brooks Bell, the premier enterprise A/B testing consultancy. In addition to writing high quality and performant code, he manages a small team of developers, delivers technical training and advisement, assesses and presents on test and learn programs to help them jump-start their programs with a cross-functional team.
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