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Stress at Work: Changing the Narrative with Cognitive Therapy

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Beth Tucker L.


Everyone has stress at work. We can't make the stressful events go away, but we may be able to change how we think about them, and how we react to them. In this session, you will learn about what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is, and what it can do for you. We will go over tips and tricks to deal with workplace stressors, big and small. I will share my experiences with workplace trauma and stress to give you some perspective. You will leave this session with tools to handle your stress at work, helping you to handle situations that may have seemed impossible before.

Ross became a software developer through the nontraditional path of obtaining a double major in Psychology and French from Luther College. He later obtained a software development degree from Fox Valley Technical College. He works as a Software Developer for Paradigm in Middleton, WI. He is a volunteer with the TEALS program. He enjoys retro video games, board games, the NFL Draft, creating obscure fantasy leagues, and making charts.

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