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Less Snark, More Spark

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Even the most introverted, self-sufficient developer interacts with other people. Sometimes these folks are a joy to work with, sometimes not. Sometimes as a developer, you might be the difficult one to work with (we’ve all been that snarky developer a time or two!). These touch-points with others can lead us to being unproductive. However, these unproductive interactions can be remedied with a framework to help us and the folks we work with communicate more clearly so we can get things done.

Nate Finch has been building websites since 2011. He loves web development because it is the perfect mix of problem solving, helping people, and lifelong learning. As VP of Development at The Digital Ring, Nate splits his time between developing websites and developing developers. Prior to joining TDR, Nate freelanced, working with dozens of clients through platforms like Toptal and Codeable, and completed a brief stint as a web engineer with 10up. Nate collects masters degrees, has traveled to six continents, lived on four, speaks Spanish, and outside of work, family, friends, food, coffee, and cooking are his favorite activities. He lives in Wisconsin with his wonderful wife and two daughters.

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Widen is located by the Beltline and John Nolan Drive; there's a large lot in the back where folks can park, and that's where the main entrance is, as well: "We'll have a sign when they enter, leading them to the North Freedom room just around the corner - first left when they enter." More info:

The following bus lines come within a few blocks of Widen:

#11, #16, #L5, #X16

6911 Mangrove Ln · Madison, WI