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Mastermind session for Digital Nomads at Plázida
• What we will be doing After our successful launching last month, we have decided to create a Mastermind group for digital nomads at Plázida and meet on a regular basis. We have also decided that we should make the most of our time and get something of value in these meetings without losing the collaborative spirit of the Mastermind group. From now on, in each session, a person from the group will lead the discussion on something he/she is an expert at. This session will be led by Benne Holwerda and the subject will be: ´Create your business roadmap - the 5 Ws for building your business´ We will also be talking about how we are going to use the knowledge gained in this Mastermind session and give ourselves a deadline to do so. And be accountable at the next meeting. At the end, someone from the group will volunteer to lead the next session. In this way we will all participate and learn from each other. We will be offering a snack and we will show you around our fabulous premises, if you have not seen them yet. • What you have to bring with you A high level of motivation and a will to ask for help and support and also give your best to the group. • Important information Never forget the spirit of a Mastermind group set up by his founder: "The coordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose, in the spirit of harmony."

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What we're about

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We believe in Madrid entrepreneurs.

We believe in inspiring & helping you follow your dreams, and enjoy the path.

The way we help is by:

challenging the way entrepreneur groups are organised,

listening to the community & creating what they ask for,
focusing on bringing you real concrete value.

We just happen to be Madrid largest group dedicated to international entrepreneurs in Madrid, sponsored by Madrid Emprende, the Entrepreneurship Master of the Complutense University and utopic_us, for us the best co-working space in Madrid.

We organize 2 to 4 events every month :

- Monthly Talks

- 1-on-1 consulting sessions

- Closed peer groups

- Power Lunches

- Workshops

And all this is possible thanks to our great team:

- Pierre Waters (, President

- Tom Leacy (, VP Finance

- Peter Quinlan (, VP Operations

- Ed Collins (, VP Marketing

- Emilio Martinez Moran, VP Guiripreneur in Spanish

If you have any question, just send us an email at or contact us directy via our meetup profiles !

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