The Rainbow of Death, driving automated test adoption at Google

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Nos juntamos en este evento para escuchar hablar a Mike Bland, la persona que introdujo "Testing on the toilet" en Google, sobre como fue el proceso de implantación, su experiencia y consejos para incorporarlo nosotros mismos en nuestros puestos de trabajo.


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About the talk

In this talk, we’ll see how a band of upstarts within Google called the Testing Grouplet followed the grain of its culture and gradually, over five years, shifted it from one in which code was “too hard to test” and many “didn’t have time to test” to one in which automated testing has become a nearly indispensable aspect of daily development. We will see how the basic forces of human nature working against that effort map to the same forces evident in other organizations.

Finally, we’ll see how a custom-tailored, multi-dimensional approach based on timeless principles—a “Rainbow of Death”—drove the development of tools and processes that ultimately produced a permanent cultural shift that helped avert a potentially significant crisis and that continues to benefit not just the company, but its customers and society at large.

About the speaker

Mike Bland

Computer programmer by trade, and a member of the Association for Computing Machinery ( (ACM), but an instigator for organizational change by nature. Despite that fact, part of me still dreams of playing rock, blues, and jazz guitar for a living; I'm a Jimi Hendrix fanatic and a Beatlemaniac. I'm originally from Hampton, Virginia (,_Virginia) and currently reside in Alexandria, Virginia (,_Virginia).

From 2005 - 2010, I helped lead the Testing Grouplet's five-year effort to drive automated testing adoption throughout Google ( From 2009 - 2011, I also worked on websearch infrastructure. You can read details about my Google experience ( below, as well as my reasons for leaving Google (

Since then, I attended Berklee College of Music ( and worked for the United States federal government ( I'm presently launching my own independent consulting practice. You can view a more detailed résumé on my LinkedIn profile (, and follow my open-source programming activity via my GitHub profile (

Actually I'm working together with Schibsted's Engineering Productivity team.

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