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What we’re about

What's the intent of this community?
This on-line and in-person community is for those who are interested in magick, ritual, ceremony, kabbalah/qabalah, shamanism, psychedelics, the occult, metaphysics, and goddess energy. It is about accessing the truest versions of ourselves through various magickal practices and altered states. Being open to integrating our shadows and engaging in the unseen world so we can bring the magick into this physical reality.

Who is this community for?

  • If you have a magick practice already or are interested in finding out about what that can add to your life, then this group is for you!
  • If you feel like you are missing magick in your life and want to bring in more pleasure, then this group is for you!
  • If you are curious about psychedelics and other forms of altered states and want to bridge your unconscious and consciousness, then this group is for you!

We are an inclusive group and expect respect from our members.

What can I expect?
We will gather for ceremony/ritual and other opportunities such as educational talks and social events so we can build a local community. Check out the current offerings and keep an eye out for future events.

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