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No Jam This Week - Ukulele Thursdays in Wayne ~ Strum & Sing-Along!

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The center is closed for renovations to the kitchen & cafe area
Thursday August 24 and still closed Thursday, August 31, so we will take a Wayne hiatus.

In the meantime, check our meetup and Funky Frets for some great upcoming uke/music events like the NJ Uke Fest, Porchfest, the Grand Opening of Funky Frets new larger building; our big seasonal premier event (the Schuylkill Valley Boys event); the Avalon beach jams and more! (Keep clicking on "More We will reconvene on Wayne, as usual, beginning the first Thursday of September.

TILL WE MEET AGAIN, THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 7, when we reconvene, as usual.
Happy Strumming! -- and maybe come across a song or two or a theme for us to play upon our return!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ PLAY UKES & SING the world's GREAT SONGS with us

in our new 'home', after hours at the Wayne Senior Center.

Every Thursday, 6:00-8:00 PM (except holidays.)

From beginner to intermediate and those with expertise.
We are beginner-friendly. We were all beginners once! -- I (Linda) started coming before I even had a uke. -- But you will have more fun if you know a few basic (and easy!) chords like C, F, G7. And, like the C-chord, Am is onethat needs just one finger on one string. Or play the "Z" chord all evening and get used to strumming in time.

We welcome players of all ages!
(The senior center lets us use their space. We are of all ages.)

JUST LOVE TO SING? Come sing along

MUSIC: We play all Genres & Eras
(well, not much hip-hop or rap, so far)
From Pop, Rock, Show Tunes, Classical, Tin Pan Alley, Country, Standards, Irish Songs, Blues, Sea Shanties, Folk, Gospel, Hawaiian, Jazz & Holiday. Traditional to current hits. Variety adds pizzazz!

FREE: It's free to play. No fees.

No more attendance cap for the foreseeable future! We are now free to have more players at a time. We've grown--and our new venue welcomes all of us who love playing together in Wayne --plus the newcomers we look forward to meeting.

~ ~ ~

A Music Stand & "The Daily Ukulele Leap Year Edition," aka the "blue book" by Jim Beloff; a Ukulele .... & a smile.

(If you don't have the book or a music stand yet, we are happy to share. No ukulele? Let us know in advance and we can have one there for you to play.)

You are welcome to bring copies of songs (that are not in the Daily Ukes books) that you would love for us to play. (A min. of eight copies suggested, if we share, 15-20 if we each have a copy to play from. Copies returned to you if you wish.)
Please play the song version through before copying. Does it sound true? Chords are in the right spots? - Or suggest a song and we will try to find the song sheet for you. Melodic or comedic, players have shared many wonderful songs. We've loved the mash-ups that have come our way.
If you send a link to its YouTube video we can add it to our weekly Wayne YouTube playlist.

If playing baritone, you'll need to be able to play along with us in C tuning (GCEA) with capo or a chord conversion chart, (unless you can convert chords on the fly.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Steve, with a few other players, will often suggest a strum to accompany a song, a single notes intro or have a chord shape alternate fingering suggestion or other playing tip for us. In the Daily Uke books, players gain experience reading music notation and a song's 'road map.' Share what you know!

often goes like this: We'll play approx. 10 songs from the "Blue Book," song by song; then we take turns selecting favorites from blue book, and play the songs you all brought in to share. Announce upcoming events. Some 'Open Mic': we love to hear what you've been working on!

(If playing for an audience is new to you, practice on us! We are laid back, encouraging, and supportive! If you are a 'pro', we are your captivated audience.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please use the front door.
(The Wayne Senior Center fronts Station Road, facing the Wayne Paoli/Thorndale Train Line platform.)
(The back of the WSC borders the NW corner of the main municipal parking lot.)

Same PARKING lot we've used since before our move.
Before 6:00 PM, pay at kiosks for both street parking & municipal lots.
$0.25 = 1/2 hour.
FREE PARKING from 6:00 pm on.

Wayne MAIN MUNICIPAL LOT: is off North Wayne Ave. (see map.)
SMALLER LOTS: Drive through main lot. Right turn onto side street Waynewood Ave. Two small lots are on left, across from Paramour Restaurant.
STREET PARKING: North Wayne Ave/West Ave/Louella Ct./ & Lancaster Ave.

Note: The SEPTA parking spaces by the train station & right by the Wayne Senior Center are not free after 6pm.

Link for Further Parking & Kiosk Payment details & map. (
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We are grateful to The Wayne Senior Center for granting us use of their building "after hours" --and for this wonderful opportunity to give back to them and to the community! We will be holding a few uke workshops for them, and will perform at some of their events. We look forward to this wonderful new pairing!

(The Wayne Senior Center ( is a daytime activities center for seniors in the Radnor community that holds classes such as line dancing, drumming circles, safe driving, gardening, computers -- and so much more.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ Grab That Uke / Come Sing-along ! ~