The Sorrows of Young Coder:How to choose a cross-platform for mobile development


• What we'll do
Each day many mobile applications are created, but how to do it a smart, and sensible way? During this meeting we will focus on 3 approaches of building cross-platform applications: React Native, Xamarin, and Cordova. We will talk about: how and why to use a given technology? How does a typical day look like? What are the constraints/issues specific to a platform of choice, how to test a cross-platform application. Our experts will be: Damian, Luuk, and Michal. Each of them have a solid experience in a different technology.

Damian Antonowicz
Michał Chudziak
Luuk Van Venrooij

Michał Chudziak:
Lead software engineer in Callstack - company which provides the highest-level consultancy services for React and React Native (and other cross-platform technologies). International speaker, blogger and workshop organiser. Lover of cross-platform approach and GraphQL’s simplicity. A big supporter of "learn once, write anywhere" motto. In his free time he explores different areas of mobile development and native languages like Swift or Kotlin.

Damian Antonowicz
Xamarin Certified Mobile Developer creating apps for Android and iOS. For several years working extensively with .NET and Microsoft technologies. Has worked on products for finance institutions, public sector and automotive. Passionate about new technologies, blogger, speaker and whisky fan.

Luuk Van Venrooij
Technical lead at ABB Enterprise Software. Currently focused on hybrid app development using Cordova/ReactJS/ Core used for power plant operations management. Big fan and promoter of open (web) standards, minimalism and simplicity. A part-time game developer, VR/AR enthusiast with a love for craft beers and IPA`s.