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If you are looking to learn how to code for the web or the mobile, and are looking for an active community of developers in the UAE, then this is the place to meet them

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Build Your Own Retro Mini Mac

in5 Tech

The original Apple Macintosh was a great leap forward in the evolution of the personal computer - launched in 1984 amidst great fanfare, the beloved Mac still captures the imagination of PC historians and tech enthusiasts with its unique design, functionality and compactness. In this workshop, we’ll replicate that design in miniature using a Raspberry Pi in a custom 3D printed casing, which we’ll assemble on the spot with its own TFT touch screen display. We’ll show you how to boot up the older Mac OS using an emulator and attach accessories to make it a fully functional scaled down version of the classic machine. Prerequisites: - All hardware materials (including Pis, accessories and 3D printed parts) will be provided

Create A Flutter News App

in5 Tech

Flutter is an open-source mobile application development framework created by Google. It allows developers to create cross-platform native apps with rich graphical interfaces for both Android and iOS from a single code base in their Java-inspired Dart language. In this workshop, we’ll show you how to get started with Flutter. We’ll build a simple news app with Firebase for authentication and backend that allows you to search and retrieve articles in different categories from custom online sources via News API in real time and save them for later perusal. Prerequisites: - Basic programming knowledge - Bring your laptop

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Make Your Own Mind-Controlled Toys

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