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Established in 2006, the Vancouver Mandarin Chinese Club is Metro Vancouver’s longest running Chinese language and cultural exchange club with the largest member base. Our purpose is to offer a friendly and pressure free environment for Mandarin learners to improve their language skills, practice with native speakers, and share learning experiences. It also provides native Mandarin speakers an opportunity to meet people interested in the Chinese language and culture, and serves as a great opportunity to meet new friends.

Our events are hosted by several volunteers based on member demand. Currently, 3 types of events are offered on a regular basis:

[Casual] Mandarin Conversations: Focused on learning and practicing Chinese in an open-floor casual environment
• Sunday weekly at Royal Oak
• Monday weekly at Coquitlam
• Wednesday weekly at Oakridge
• 1st & 3rd Thursday of month at Downtown Vancouver

[Toastmasters] Public Speaking in Mandarin: Provides a unique opportunity to practice Chinese speaking in a group setting through the "Toastmasters International" format
• 2nd & 4th Thursday of month at Yaletown

[Social] Gatherings/Events: "Just for fun" and making new friends
• Occasionally by demand

The Mandarin proficiency levels of members range from absolute beginners to native speakers. It is typical for some beginner learners to feel intimidated by advanced speakers in the club. Our suggestion is to not be afraid. It is OK if you don't understand everything discussed in the meeting. Your "job" is to improve your level a little bit by the end of the meeting by learning some new words or sentences. As you continue to attend the meetings, one day in the near future, you will find yourself amongst the intermediate to advanced level members. Practice makes perfect!

The format of this club is NOT like a credited course offered at a university or college, which means you will not see systematic teaching material for the club. However, you are encouraged to take a formal course at a college and attend this meetup for additional practice and opportunities to speak the language. Native speakers are more than welcome to attend the meetings to help out Mandarin learners. People who have a particular experience related to Chinese language and culture are encouraged to come to share their resources.

We welcome people of all cultural backgrounds to join, socialize and network!

Special thanks to Confucius Institute of BCIT for their sponsorship.

Upcoming events (5+)

[Casual] Mandarin Conversations at Oakridge

Oakridge Center (Food Court)

Every week on Wednesday 6-9pm, the co-organizers of Vancouver events host a Casual Mandarin Conversation session at Vancouver's Oakridge Centre. The casual conversation session is a language and cultural exchange through engaging in conversations in an informal, open floor, no structure environment. During each session, members are encouraged to participate by asking questions and sharing ideas so that they may learn new words/phrases. Native Chinese speakers will help with pinyin, sentence structure and using proper choice of words. Chinese ESL students are also encouraged to participate. This way both native English and Chinese speakers will be able to learn from each other. Whether you're a beginner or fluent speaker of Mandarin, we would like to welcome all of you to a friendly environment to practice some Chinese and to make some new friends. Join us for a fun session again in Oakridge mall! If you get lost or you're unable to find us, please be patient! Walk around and try to locate us, or leave a message in the comments section. Sometimes we have late comers so the group may seem smaller at first. We always sit at the 6 round tables between Tim Hortons and Starbucks.

[Toastmasters] Casual Public Speaking in Mandarin (optional: dinner to follow)

Have you always wanted to feel more comfortable speaking in group settings? Do you want to improve your Mandarin language skills? Or, do you want to meet local Canadians from a wide variety of backgrounds, languages, and cultures, with a common interest in sharing their ideas in Mandarin? Join us for a casual and friendly Toastmasters session where you can share your ideas about various topics and learn from other Mandarin speakers. Usually the meeting is followed by a group dinner at a nearby restaurant in Yaletown (optional). No reservations are made in advance. The restaurant is chosen after the meeting based on who would like to join. If you are a native Mandarin Speaker, this is a unique opportunity to gain experience in public speaking without worrying about language and meet native English speakers. If you are a Mandarin learner, don't let the words "Public Speaking" intimidate you - if you are a beginner learner, all the more reason to join! Native Mandarin Speakers: Gain experience public speaking in your native language or in English (your choice). Toastmasters is highly recognized in most Canadian companies and is an excellent professional organization to join to expand your experience. You can also meet a large number of local English speakers who share an interest in your language and culture. Dinner following the event is usually in English - a great way to practice with native speakers. Mandarin Learners: Gain experience using the Mandarin language to express your ideas and learn from more advanced speakers. The club consists of members from Beginner level to native-speaking. With the wide range of language proficiency levels, it is a unique opportunity to practice public speaking in Mandarin in a comfortable setting without pressure. The club also offers a buddy program which pairs you with a native speaking language exchange partner in Beijing.

[Workshop] Understanding Chinese Business Culture

555 Seymour St

Would you like to do business with China? What opportunities are there in the China market? What are the business cultural differences between China and Canada? If you are interested in the answers to those questions, our workshop is the right place for you. On Mar 29, we are organizing one workshop on Chinese business culture, for you to discover, explore and understand the business world in China. Please see below for information about the workshop. Topic: Understanding Chinese Business Culture Date & Time: Mar 29, Fri, 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Location: Confucius Institute at BCIT (Room 840, 555 Seymour St., Vancouver) Presenter: Eddy Choong Content: China Overview, China Market Opportunities, Exporting to China, Essential Basic Chinese Language Eddy Choong is the CEO of ExportRim, an export development and management platform for the Asia-Pacific trades. Prior to his current role, he had over 30 years of business experience in the Far East countries and conducted many training seminars in Asia. Since 1996, Eddy has been involved in various business projects in China, where he provided consulting services for market entry, negotiated business agreements, liaised with regulatory agencies and identified suppliers for product development. RSVP is now open for this workshop. If you are interested, please send an email to [masked], with your name and seat #. Seats are limited on a first-come first serve basis. Any questions? Feel free to email [masked] or call[masked]

[Casual] Mandarin Conversations at Coquitlam

Henderson Mall Food Court

We welcome Mandarin speakers of all levels. Depending on the number of attendees, the session will either take place as a larger group or multiple smaller groups based on their respective levels. During the session we will discuss and learn about various vocabulary, topics, or go over any other learning materials attendees may bring. If you have any learning material you'd like to use please feel free to bring those along as well. Suggestions for topics are always welcomed. Parking: mall parking complex Transit: right across from Lincoln Station Don't live in or near Coquitlam? We have other similar events located in Burnaby, Vancouver, and Richmond.

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[Casual] Mandarin Conversations at Coquitlam

Henderson Mall Food Court

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