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Xmas ☆Manga Workshop☆Screen tone
>>> Japanese translation below / 英文の下に日本語訳があります <<< It's our last manga meetup for 2018! Join us as we bid the year farewell. Let's try to use screen tone on your art!! ☆if you have a your inking art and a cutter, please bring can try use screen tone on your art. and if you have a question about screen tone, feel free to ask me. This meet will be located on the 2nd floor of the Japanime Building in a spacious tatami room. Our building is an easy 7-minute walk from Nishi-Kawaguchi Station (JR Keihin-Tohoku Line). The meetup fee is ¥3,000 per person. We provide paper, pencils, and professional instruction. You are welcome to bring your own sketchbook and other drawing tools such as Copic Markers or inking pens. We will have free tea available, but you can also bring (non-alcoholic) drinks if you wish. However, we do not allow alcoholic beverages. We need to have at least 3 attendees (not including organizers), and will accept as many as 10. If you wish to attend with a relative or friend, please be sure that they sign up as well. Everyone will draw together and offer one another constructive criticism, and you can also ask for help and ask questions of the manga artist at any time during the workshop. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 楽しくマンガを描いてみましょう! 2018年最後はスクリーントーンの使い方です♫絵にスクリーントーンを貼ってみましょう! ☆ペン入れをした自分の原稿、イラストがあればお持ちください。また、カッターをお持ちください。 スクリーントーンに関して質問があればお気軽にお聞きください! 講師は少年漫画、コミックエッセイなど11冊のマンガが出版されています。簡単な日本語と英語でレクチャーします。子供~大人までお気軽に参加ください♪ 内容は毎回少し変わります。 マンガワークショップは 西川口駅から徒歩7分(JR京浜東北線)の二階、畳の部屋で行います!埼玉県川口市西川口[masked] ジャパニメ2F こちらで紙や鉛筆はご用意できますがご自身の使い慣れた道具があればぜひお持ちください☆ 付けペン、コピック、スケッチブックなど。 無料のお茶がありますが、お好きなお飲み物をご持参ください(アルコール類はご遠慮ください)。 最低3人の参加者によって開催されます(オーガナイザーは含まれません)。 記載されている日時に来られなそうでしたら他の日にご参加ください。もしご希望の日があれば私たちにご連絡ください。 遅刻や当日キャンセルは無いようご協力お願い致します。

Japanime / Manga University

3-31-18 Nishi-Kawaguchi Japanime Building 2F · Kawaguchi

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This group is for anyone interested in learning to draw manga with professional, published manga artists.

Our artists speak English! Overseas visitors and foreign residents of Japan are welcome and encouraged to attend ^^

We offer workshops, demonstrations, and fully customizable classes for groups and individuals at our Tokyo-area facility.

Manga University, established in 1998, is one of the world's leading publishers of English-language instructional manga, including the acclaimed "How to Draw Manga" series, the award-winning "Manga Cookbook" collection, and the "Kanji de Manga" language-learning series.

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