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Living Tarot Getaway~ Tarot & Taxiing Down the Runway, Sat Feb 1, 3:30-8pm

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Ferol H.


This month: Tarot & Taxiing Down the Runway~

4 STUDENT MINIMUM IS REQUIRED BY JAN 15 if this event is to happen.


If you intend to enroll, pay your tuition at 972-489-9123 by Jan 15,

or the event will not take place. I live an hour away from Dallas, and must schedule the space in advance. Drop-ins are only possible if we have a 4 student minimum registration each month by the 15th. Otherwise, the event will drop off the calendar for that month.

In January we wrote our big plans,

with Tarot advising and commenting.

Now, we will check our progress,

determined and trustful

or unsure and distrustful~

as we taxi down the runway

that leads to our new life design, headed for takeoff!

So! How is life working for you? Are you happy?
Living Tarot adventures into designing new life,
where we feel great and go to sleep pleased and satisfied.

Text or call 972-489-9123 to join us. Or just show up!

Early Bird enrollment through Jan 15 at $50

Drop-ins at $60 as usual.

Those who pre-enroll for the next month, during the current month workshop,

pay only $40, on event day.

Many of us who have been on a self-development course tend to think in terms of problems and solutions. What if that is the wrong approach for right now? If the real choice is actually between what we actually do, and what we COULD do, how would things change for us?

This month Living Tarot looks at our wild dreams of a different or better life, which would fulfill our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual needs. We will dare to design what sounds great to us, and then see if we can map it from here to there.

Join us! We are going to let our inner dog off the leash, and see what happens.

Enter the space between restrictive caution and trustful imagination. How will we proceed?

When our workshop is over, we plan to be wiser and more capable than we were before.

This is a popular workshop! We meet every month with a new exploration of ourselves.
Living Tarot Getaway has become a wonderful, warm, personal growth community, with its own style and flair. Join us, and see how we grow. It's not logical! It is, however, very carefully planned and it works. Living Tarot Method is unorthodox and effective. Your head will be thoroughly turned around, in a good way.

Text or call 972-489-9123 to join us, so that I may ensure the size of our room prior to event. Main classroom, Center for Spiritual Living, International Parkway, 4801 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX 75244

For more information, click the button above right, for Living Tarot Meetup Events.

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Manhattan Tarot~ Originality & Community
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