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Interplanetary Culinary Enthusiasts Con CoCreate CUISINE +ACTIVITIES AUDIO ZOOM

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Interplanetary Culinary Enthusiasts Con CoCreate CUISINE +ACTIVITIES AUDIO ZOOM


***Ignore that video below says to LIKE/SUBSCRIBE (that was an old suggestion, video needs to be updated):

3rd Saturdays:
🌯 We introduce ourselves by either:
sharing about, readng aloud, or brainstorming a bit of our fav Ma Costi cooking/story...
sharing exotic gourmet recipes, foods, food culture(including dining/party activities, rituals/traditions, & other culinary history) from other planets (as well as Earth/Terra)...

Then we weave the best of them together to cocreate delights, & social, interactive dining / party activities for Tara's upcoming surprise party at The Orb!

(Soon the Audio-zoom mtg will be followed by Video-Zoom To Try Activities We Created, + Do The Mirror Dance [Each time to different music brought by anyone who wants to]}.

πŸ“ 20 min ( or up to 40 min, if we stay longer) audio gathering: But make sure to arrive by the 1st 20 min, as it's not planned that we'll be there longer.

To attend either:

  • have an exotic/unusual fictional or real recipe, kind of food, or party/dining activity to share,
  • enjoy co-brainstorming the above,
  • have an idea or tidbit to share about the exquiste unusual chef, Ma Kosti, from the Vorkosigan Saga (main books where she appears are: 'Memory', 'A Civil Campaign'),
  • Reading any of the following books above or below by Lois McMaster Bujold will increase your understanding & enjoyment of the experience; though not required: The Labyrinth from 'The Borders Of Infinity', 'Winterfair Gifts'.

ZOOM LINK & ANY UPDATES ARE POSTED, usually at least 30 min before each gathering,
IN MY COMMENTS BELOW THIS VIDEO: (don't watch the video, it needs to be updated).

🍨 Ma Costi has become so popular she's trained a committee to handle her catering overflow! Today, we meet at The Intergalactic Culinary Enthusiasts Convention!

πŸ«” (The party is instigated by another character from the Vorkosigan Saga who shall remain a mystery at the moment. And is part of a larger story that makes this party, & the reasons for having it much more interesting. Plus includes another theme gathering I'll be posting soon. Plus later roleplay games as well, for those interested. I'll post the fanfic soon).


Join my community of friends who love to cook, eat, travel, share culinary history, fav food scenes from films / books; plus fantasize fictional foods, recipes, & culinary culture on other worlds or dimensions: Share theme dinners, dining rituals & activities; or simply your favorite culinary lore over a Zoom meal, or audio phone call.

β˜•οΈ For people genuinely friendly & supportive to everyone; coming to find community, enjoy & the celebrate the delicious wonders & possibilities for FUN IN the universe.

πŸŽ‚ Best wishes & look forward to sharing it w/you!
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