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Fearless Negotiation for Women in Tech

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Fearless Negotiation for Women in Tech


If you have ever felt intimidated, uncomfortable, or overwhelmed about negotiation, you’re not alone. By the age of 9, girls are socialized to be grateful, gracious and generous people-pleasers who are reluctant to ask for what they deserve – nevermind what they desire. These behaviours carry us through adolescence and hold us back in adulthood. Compared to male counterparts, women earn less money, take on more administrative responsibilities, and are identified for fewer promotions. Female founders take longer to grow, build more conservative partnerships, and access less venture funding.

Whether you own a company or you’re in a company, learning how to see and manage your blind spots is the key to becoming an effective and fearless negotiator.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Recognize opportunities for negotiation in life, work, and business
  • Start to identify blind spots that sabotage negotiations
  • Learn how to manage those blind spots within the context of a negotiation process

Meet Joanne:
Joanne Zuk is a leadership and strategy expert with a reputation for changing cultures and growing leaders. She splits her time between corporate consulting and her primary focus, which is helping female entrepreneurs negotiate effectively in their businesses.

Following a 16 year career as a senior executive in the Manitoba public service, she developed a series of Fearless Negotiation programs, which seek to fill the gap for women-specific negotiation training around the world. You’ll find her speaking at conferences, guest coaching in small containers, and sharing negotiation and strategy advice to business owners daily on her Instagram account (@joanne.zuk).

Joanne holds two bachelors degrees, a Masters degree, and a number of certifications and voluntary roles that you can read about on LinkedIn (joanne-zuk). She is married with two fearless daughters and loves to go on epic cycling adventures with her husband.

Manitoba Women In Tech  #MBWiTech
Manitoba Women In Tech #MBWiTech
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