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In this Free Talk, Kris introduces techniques to increase vigour, improve stamina, prevent indiscriminate draining of the life force, and improve sexual health.

Recent surveys have found that men in static jobs have lower libido and sperm count than those in active work, and even lower for men who spend a lot of time on computers and computer games. This is perfectly normal because blood and energy flow need air and movement. Blood makes the qi (energy) go round and we need a good healthy supply, to move from perfectly normal to perfectly natural.

The sages of ancient China said everyone is entitled to a hundred years of healthy life. The idea is that by keeping the body healthy we keep mind, soul and spirit healthy too. And to keep the body healthy we learn how to avoid losing energy. As the old Taoists used to say, 'If you want to understand the business of life, then you need to understand the business of where life begins, and where life usually ends.' The Living Master Mantak Chia shared these Secrets of the Bedchamber with his co-author, Kris Deva North.

Kris is also facilitating the weekend Taoist Workshop for Men To turn Stress into Vitality for Peak Performance + Maximum Enjoyment @ Home, Work & Play, at the same venue, March 25th and 26th, 10.30 am to 5pm. Full information on Cost and Content with a click here (!