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Welcome to the Mapbox community for developers and designers. We use Mapbox for creating maps, navigation, and location experiences for web, mobile, and automotive platforms. Our community includes cartographers, coders, product leaders, and more. We curate a speaker series that celebrates unstoppable creators working across platforms, communities, and devices. #MapboxSpeakerSeries (https://twitter.com/hashtag/mapboxspeakerseries)

Start using Mapbox today:

✅ Design quick, beautiful map styles: https://mapbox.com/cartogram
✅ Start using our APIs: https://mapbox.com/help/interactive-tools
✅ Download an SDK: https://mapbox.com/install
✅ Find tools for JS, Android, iOS, Qt, Unity: https://mapbox.com/developers

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Data Visualization Open Build Session at Mapbox SF

RSVP is required for building entry: https://vizrisk-sf.splashthat.com Data Visualization Open Build Session at Mapbox SF #VizRisk is a four-part challenge to explore how maps and visualization techniques can help citizens and governments better understand and use data on natural hazards, exposure, and vulnerability. The challenge runs May 15 - July 15 and is open to participants around the world. Learn more at https://understandrisk.org/vizrisk and sign up for challenge updates. During the challenge, Mapbox is hosting open build sessions and webinars with Challenge partners. These are opportunities to join fellow dataviz builders, map makers, data scientists, and developers to share ideas, questions, and feedback. Dig into the risk datasets, do some creative brainstorming, learn about dataviz tools, and get started on building an incredible Challenge project. Agenda 6:00 - Doors open 6:00-6:30 - Settle in & Socialize 6:30-7:00 - #VizRisk Challenge Speakers 7:00-9:00 - Open Build Time Open build time Hands-on, data crunching, viz building time with peers and mentors. Bring your laptop and be prepared to collaborate and learn. Refreshments Beverages and light snacks provided. Speakers + Mentors SIMONE BALOG-WAY / @GFDRR Simone Balog-Way is a DRM Analyst with the GFDRR Innovation Lab, leading efforts to translate scientific and technical analysis on disaster risk and climate change so that this information is available, understandable, and usable by non-specialists. SAM GEHRET / @SamGehret As a Solutions Engineer for the BI and Data Viz team, Sam helps Mapbox customers build beautiful, useful, and performant data visualizations with Mapbox. Previously, Sam was a Product Manager and Sales Engineer at MicroStrategy where he built identity applications and data visualizations. ANYA A’HEARN / @DataBlick Anya has long been a source for serious data wrangling and aesthetics. Blending her background in economics and product design Anya specializes in creating dashboards that are as useful as they are beautiful. She is Founder and Executive Director at DataBlick. Mapbox is located on the 9th floor of the 50 Beale (Blue Shield) building at the corner of Mission and Beale. RSVP 24 hours in advance is required to gain entry to our office. ✔ GENDER NEUTRAL RESTROOM ✔ FULLY WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE ✔ ALCOHOLIC + NON-ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ✔ SECURE BIKELINK PARKING AT EMBARCADERO STATION

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Mapbox Government User Group at Mapbox DC

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