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Mob Programming

Photo of Danny Kim
Hosted By
Danny K.


Join us for Saturday mob programming. You can think of it as pair programming but with more people!

What to Expect

  • Bring your project, whether it's a personal project, an open-source issue, or even something you found online. This is your opportunity to share and collaborate.
  • Don't have a specific project in mind? No worries! You're welcome to join a mob and contribute your skills.
  • We will work in groups of 4-6 during the 2 hour event.

Why Attend?

  • Collaborative Problem Solving: Perceiving a problem from multiple angles will often unblock you faster than a rubber ducky.
  • Knowledge Sharing: Learn new skills, technologies, and best practices while working side by side with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Networking: Meet like-minded individuals, and see what their latest interests are.
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Maple Code
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