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Welcome to Mister Authentic's Real Estate Team!

The motive of the this group is to provide a weekly meeting platform for individuals, fresh and experienced, to develop both their network and skills within conceptual and strategic Real Estate Investing.

Our members will meet every week on Thursdays in our own local office in Sacramento, CA.
Education-based presentations will be available to view within the venue.

Admission is 100% free!
Join our group, join our events!


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Advanced Velocity Banking: The Money Strategy of Investors & Business Owners!

CLASS DESCRIPTION: Learn how to reduce the amount of interest paid on financed investments and how to manage and maximize Cashflow on your portfolio. We will deep dive into interest Saved vs. Total Interest Reduced, and learn how the flow of money into the portfolio is paramount for success. Specific case studies and examples will anchor the key concepts to ensure you truly comprehend the strategy. Learners will also be able to implement the strategies that pay off mortgages years and decades earlier, increase their profitability, and build equity through cash flow management. Developing the Velocity Banking mindset will create opportunities and robust results for your investments, and help anchor your real estate portfolio. ABOUT OUR INSTRUCTOR, TONY SCOTTY: Tony’s goal is simple: To create success stories, one investor at a time. Frustrated with his W-2 career, he started his own consulting company in 2008 with a passion for helping others succeed and a desire to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs. By sharing his path on investing in real estate, as well as teaching cash flow management for consumers and small businesses, he continues to reach out to help others succeed in getting their first deal done. ATTENTION: Attendees MUST complete their RSVP instructions before they receive the Full Address to our office venue. Thank you!

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