What we're about

This group is for anyone interested to learn more about leveraging the power of the internet to market their products or services and for Internet Marketing beginners or pro's. In addition, we include a mastermind format, this means that as part of our meetup's we actually assist members with their business.

Meetup's include an IM discussion topic and Mastermind Hot Seat

Topics That Will be Covered:

SEO, Social Networking (FM, Fan Pages, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc), Social Media (video, article, blogs), Affiliate Marketing (selling other peoples products), online etiquette, content creation, creative writing that engages your audience, writing sales copy, funnel design and much more.

As Marketeers our motto is 'All For One & One For All' - Internet Marketing is too expansive and dynamic for ANY one person or even a small group to master. It really takes a group effort! And that is why we created this group!

If you need to improve your internet marketing strategy and mobile marketing strategy this is group for you.

This group is ideal for anyone who uses/plans to use the internet to:

Generate leads

Promote their local business

Sell their own products or services

Sell other peoples products or services (affiliate marketing)

Promote events

Better promote their online brand

We want to help members implement real strategies for their business, or even help members start their own home based Internet based business.

We work some of the top internet marketers in the world, many are friends and even clients, so we are constantly reviewing and testing new material which we will do our best to share.

These days, every business needs to have a successful online strategy. There is simply too much information to be assimilated by one person, the purpose of this group is to share internet marketing ideas and strategies. Our meetings will focus on tools and strategies. Our objective is to help members implement online strategies to increase their revenue.

This group will be beneficial if you are a:

Marketing Consultants

Internet/Affiliate Marketer

PR Agency

Social Media Consultants

Homes Based Entrepreneurs


Network (MLM) Marketer

Virtual Assistant (with clients overseas)

Note: Before you join, here are some guidelines you need to be aware off:

User Experience: the emerging trend in online marketing is user experience, hence, we will do our best to maintain a good user experience within the meetup platform.

Attending Events: While we encourage you to attend the live events, we will also be sharing a lot of information via the discussion board and email, so feel free to participate online if attending meeting is not possible.

SPAM ing the group: if you only intention is to spam the group and promote affiliate products by email of discussion board, don't bother joining.

Member Requesting Help/Suggestions: if a member specifically request help / software / strategy suggestions, feel free to make your recommendations. My request is that your recommend software you have used and tested!

Software & Strategy Reviews: if you have genuinely tested a software and written a review, please post a brief description and link to your review NOT to a sales page.

I hope you can appreciate our guidelines. I see too many people misuse Meetup, spoiling it for everyone.

Helping you hit your targets with your online marketing strategy

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