What we're about

Hey! 👋

We're the explorers, designers, builders and experimenters of the Web3 frontier. We’re aiming to learn, practice and collaborate on the “fullstack” implementation of ideas within the space (i.e. interacting with blockchains, developing smart contracts with Solidity, Web3 UX, ...).

We’re looking to build a community in Montreal, to help each other practice the skills that are needed to solve real problems with the ideas and tech of tomorrow.

The details of this group are still in the works.

With that said, the current idea is to have in-person events happen once every month, on a weekday, and in the evening. A discord server has been setup for the group to share ideas, next topics and projects that could be worked on. Voting and governance mechanisms will be put in place for the group to decide and democratize the org of the meetup.

Discord invite link: https://discord.gg/ctb6uAGACy

Talk to you all soon. ✌️

Past events (2)

Mastering Web3 Development Meetup - Event #000

Zenika Canada

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