The Principle of being at Cause - Create your life - the way you want!

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99-100 Turnmill Street Farringdon · London

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My telephone number 0785 400 1326. Basement of Ember Bar.

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This email is calling out to all of those of you who have always heard your inner voice whispering “there has to be something much bigger to my existence”.

...but the problem is that most of us have never been able to take action to experience this MASSIVE potential because of all those fears and self imposed limitations that have shackled us!
From an early age we were conditioned with fear; fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment & humiliation, fear of judgement & criticism, fear of uncertainty etc.

The problem is that this fear runs through our bodies and deep into our unconscious minds and it makes us doubt every strand of our being.

Most of us had no other choice but to become programmed robots like the masses, who never dare question the status quo and who live within the artificial boundaries of social norms and self imposed limitations.

You see: fear is wrapped around our potential so we have been blinded to the fact that we are the creators of our existence, as opposed a mere creation, affected by the environment.

So what? Well, you agree and let all of this continue or you can TAKE ACTION NOW!
An excellent start is for you to come and attend an introduction event hosted by BFS - an action based community whose mission it is for you to experience your MASSIVE potential, (as opposed to doubting it, questioning it or just speaking about it).

The purpose of the introduction is to give you the platform to start breaking free of your shackles.

Whether they be universal fears such as fear of failure, fear of rejection or the fear of uncertainty, or personal fears that are driven by other factors, such as fear of not meeting expectations, or deeply ingrained fears such as fear of being lonely to fear of poverty.

We walk you through your fears and beyond your fears, so that your self-imposed limitations and doubts start fading away. This is when you start getting a glimpse of your true unlimited nature -

• Reveal what makes you the creator of your existence, as opposed to the creation of your environment.
• Learn the 4 elements that help you consciously create your life.
• Show you how the Law of attraction does not express the whole truth.
• Learn the true nature of a human being.
• Discover and remove the brainwashing that has kept you from knowing that you are the sole creator of your reality.
• Become aware of your fears and limitations.
• Learn the truth behind fear and why fear is a messenger of good news.

Ps. We have hired a lovely, private venue for this evening, right next to Farringdon station, where you can also purchase food and drink!