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On this rock floating in space where only 5% of all comics are women, it's hard to find each other. I searched the tampon aisle and local yoga classes but all I found was a nervous teenager and silent but deadlies. This group is for any women in comedy be it stand-up comedians, the improv-obsessed, selfie-loving YouTubers, TV and film comedy writers/performers, and those of you who work in/support the industry in an equally important but under-appreciated way such as video editing, staging, costuming, etc. We love all of you and we all need to stick together! The ever-static climate of the comedy scene has never truly been in our favor, but if we join together like a bunch of Amazon women who tell nothing but hour long sets about period blood and pregnant-farts, we can make progress! No, but really. We need to combine forces and change some shit one collaboration at a time. Whether it's just to hang out, grab a drink, or work on projects together, this group is about connecting with each to build community and inspire creation.

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Killer Unicorns Comedy Show

The Ruby LA

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