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I am inviting you to attend an Exclusive Mastermind Class and meet other successful people seeking personal and professional growth. Whether you are a Business Owner, an Executive, a Senior Level Manager, an Entrepreneur, A Super Mom or you're seeking to find your Purpose in life, this gathering is for YOU!!!!!!! This is a FREE mastermind class. Because I know there's no such thing as a free lunch. Or as my mentor remind, "The only free cheese is in the mouse trap," You will need to GIVE at the mastermind class You'll need to GIVE as well as TAKE. I can guarantee you'll receive a heck of a lot more tomorrow than you'll give, but nevertheless, you still need to make a contribution. You'll need to bring along the best piece of advice, best idea, or the most effective strategy you’ve ever been given as a business owner (or as a person, if you don't have a business) that’s had a significant, positive impact on you and/or your business. It could be something that triggered a fundamental shift in your mindset, doubled or tripled your sales, transformed your marketing, improved the performance of your staff – there’s no limit, as long as it delivered a quantifiable improvement in your business. This will be your “Million Pound Strategy”, because even though it might not have generated that level of return today, it could have the potential to for you and for others. That's all I'm asking in return that you bring with you tomorrow. And if you got a chance (and you should), please read chapter 9 (title: Persistence) from our book, "Think and Grow Rich." Master Noel Bada[masked] (Text Message to RSVP)

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Do you desire to be, do or have more than your current circumstances? John Maxwell said, "The toughest person to lead is you."

If You Need A Comeback, We Have The Meeting For You! I am Excited to Announce The Launch of The BIG Meeting in Atlanta, GA!

Maximize The Moment - Mastermind Group -- A Place of Recovery And Discovery -- Where awareness is raised - Is A Groundbreaking New Gathering in Cobb County That Is A Voice of Hope to the people of Atlanta.

Be a Part of this Amazing Community of People as We Embrace The Moment and Journey Through Life Together.

NOTE: This is a group for anyone who wants to be in an atmosphere where everyone is rooting for you to succeed. This is not a business referral club, although it could lead to that. This is a weekly study on how to maximize the moment.

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