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This is the only site, Register and community in NZ for larger scooters of 250cc and above. Commonly referred to in Europe and the U.S.A as maxiscooters. There are plenty of sites for smaller scoots. 250cc is the Minimum criteria for membership.

We are a group who meet up for rides and enjoy spending time talking big scoots! We were formed as there was no where till now for a register or community of riders with big scoots to engage with the same and NOT 50cc to 150cc snails .

Some riders use there rides as an alternative means of cheap transport to and from work and ease of parking. Most of the public or people that are ill informed associate them to the same end. Anyone with experience of these larger rides will tell you the opposite.

We do small rides, social ones, and large tours. As a member you can decide!. Post up a ride or a suggest a activity or event you think other members would like to do. Or do nothing. Your choice.!!!

For some of the hard core maxis we get together with riders from other regions at least once a year. If we cant make up the numbers on these rides then we will extend the ride with others. Sports and full tourer,s. That is not our first choice. We prefer to ride with our own.

As a member you too will be able to share your knowledge and experiences with other members .

Our members are a good bunch of people with varying backgrounds and skills.

We have organized some classy tees featuring our new logo (as above) and fairing stickers for members to purchase. Contact Simon if you want one.

We want to make this an interactive site. Its the site for 250cc and above. Any make

Some of our members like to work on there own machines as the cost of servicing can become prohibitive with all the plastics etc. Scoots can be expensive to maintain.

We are compiling a section with service manuals should you require this stuff. Free to members of coarse.

All riders throughout N.Z that own a Maxi or share a passion for them or actually ride one!!! are welcome to join and should. - THIS IS OUR SITE !! Its our register if you like. Some members might be young and some maybe retired or even retarded. If so then there may be stuff to share. Bring it on !!

A meeting place for Maxiscooters, So what are you waiting for join up now!

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