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Life is better with Internal benefits of Taiji and Qigong
Greetings! Monterey Bay Healing Tao MeetUp invites you to an evening of “internal work” in Taiji / Qigong. Qigong (pronounced Chee-Gong) means “Energy Cultivation”. While Qigong can be applied toward one's martial arts abilities, it can also be directed toward healing oneself and others; toward refining one's spirit for the realization of wisdom and inner peace. As a process that offers relevant approaches to health and well-being we look beyond the surface of things to the value and effects of inclusion - mattering more to more people, understanding a process of change, self-healing and harmonization of experience - spiritual and human alike. As our health is our most valuable asset, without it we can accomplish nothing in life. Busy lives with a narrow scope of health and medicine make it easy to see how healthy living can languish outside the fundamental means of differentiating energetic efficiency - mentally and physically. In a world of chaos and contradictions many people struggle to retain their inner vitality, harmony and balance; look to reclaim focus and personal solutions to reduce scattered and dispersed energy as a result of physical stress, mental stress and depletion. Consumers spend millions of dollars annually just to find ways to relieve stress, cope with fear (the most root emotion) and treat disease. Rooted in a compelling history of fitness and healthy outcomes, Qigong and Taiji render a new technology (art) with the practical utility of cultivating and conserving energy through energy-enlivening exercises. The events produced in health benefits, effects and outcomes from practice are not just concepts, but actual "felt" experiences that manifest and occur within the body. What We'll Do This Meet-Up focuses on the “internal work”, a personal health relationship with one’s self that each individual owns and carries a personal responsibility for. This includes cultivating “life-force energy”, a bio-electric magnetic field inside the body and meditative activity alongside movement. As with everything living on earth, energy arts, healing and medicine (as we know it) are forever changing and becoming new. Understanding health better, leads to health. Attendees can expect an introduction to therapeutic exercise which emphasizes a training directive aimed at restoring a calm, peaceful state of mind, relaxed body while maintaining structural integrity built on foundational practices. Meet-Up to include concepts, insights and talk on: • Why energy cultivation practices are useful and important - how a daily practice of Energy/Qi cultivation can help different systems of the body to maintain health. * Ric Valentine, LAC, Valentine Acupuncture will briefly comment from a health perspective on nutrition, herbs, acupuncture, and "Stressors." (defined as immune challenges and the body's toxic burden) "Health is an ongoing process, not a destination. Wisdom like a strong tree grows slowly over the years." Monthly MeetUps introduce, educate, and provide community resources through social connections. Monterey Bay Healing Tao MeetUps and classes consist of an interesting diverse group of people, practitioners and friends who commune together around the theory, practice and outcomes of Qigong /Taiji. Programs in Monterey Bay Healing Tao Taiji /Qigong Monterey Bay Healing Tao is an educational training center that offers ongoing classes in Taiji and Qigong internal arts to strengthen, repair, and conserve life-fore energy toward the rewards of a long life and good health. If you, or someone you know is interested in classes please inquire with a staff instructor for the class schedule, or for more information go to What to bring: Wear loose fitting clothes (pants) and preferably a flat rubber soled shoe for exercise. Fee for this MeetUp is $5 Registered class students free.

Monterey JACL Building (Japanese American Citizens League)

424 Adams St. · Monterey, CA

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Welcome to the Monterey Bay Healing Tao Taiji /Qigong Meet Up, an alternative way for practitioners to connect and practice Taiji and Qigong health and wellness exercise systems together. Qi Gong Instructor, Leonard Han will present guided practice in static and moving Qigong exercises including Taiji. As a process of "internal work", the inclusion of our total makeup in applying our mind and body is emphasized for the practical cultivation in all areas of our health and well being. This includes our physical health in regulating the body, our mental health in regulating the mind, and a person’s spirit in developing and cultivating one’s consciousness; a deeper more mindful care of ourselves and everything relevant to our concerns about the world today. Whether it be about our environment, about health, peace, about water, education, or whether its about stress reduction... what ever it is, the spiritual component is all around. In a larger sense this involves and includes what has been referred to as, “shaping the human soul” as opposed to shaping society.

Our MeetUp is held monthly and is designed to encourage practitioners to fully engage in Qi Gong practices and receive the support necessary for promoting Self-Awareness, Prevention of Illness, Stress Reduction & Enhancing all Aspects of Life.

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