• DSA Healing Caucus: Meditation & Mindful Sharing

    Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library

    A monthly meet-up where we explore the ways in which capitalism has affected us psychologically through meditation, journaling, and sharing. March’s topic will be the relationship between productivity and self worth in a capitalist society. Bring something to write on/with.

  • DSA Happy Hour

    The Midlands Beer Garden

    Join us for our monthly happy hour! This is a great chance to meet and mingle with fellow comrades. No agenda, no work, and no politics... well, maybe a little politics. Happy hours, like most MDC DSA events, are open to members and non-members alike! Come join us in an informal setting to learn more about our members.

  • DSA MoCo 🌹 Happy Hour

    The Barking Dog

    Please join us for a DSA social event at the Barking Dog in downtown Bethesda! Stop on by & enjoy some leisure time with your comrades.... Looking forward to seeing you there!

  • DSA Community Gardening Interest Meeting

    Institute for Policy Studies

    In collaboration with Metro DC DSA’s Mutual Aid Working Group, the Ecosocialists Caucus is looking into getting involved in community gardening initiatives. Community gardening helps us address urban food deserts and promotes the creation of green spaces and ecosystems within our city. This initial meeting will be used to set goals and discuss possible ways for us to engage in urban agriculture, discussing (1) how we can use this to strengthen our political program (2) what we would like to accomplish with the food we grow and (3) how we can build our own skills to increase our ability to be food self-sufficient.

  • Wage Theft Training & Canvass

    Shaw (Watha T. Daniel) Neighborhood Library

    Attendees will be trained on DC wage theft law, how workers can fight back and get their owed wages, and how to talk to workers about these issues. We will then canvass retail and restaurants to check compliance with the law and report any violations. Training is from 1 PM to 2 PM at Shaw Library.

  • April Labor Working Group Meeting

    Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library

    Join the Labor Working Group for our April meeting. We will be breaking out to plan organizing workshops and our wage theft canvassing and research. If you're interested in signing up to help organize canvassing, help with research, or help organize skills workshops, this is the meeting to be at!

  • MoCo DSA 🌹General Branch Meeting

    Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center

    Please join us for our April branch meeting! Help us build our vision for equality, democracy, and socialism in Montgomery County. Afterwards, we'll adjourn to a local bar for a social hour. See you then! (Directions: The Bethesda-Chevy Chase Regional Services Center is located on the plaza level on Edgemoor Lane, above the street. From the Bethesda Metro station, take the escalator from the bus bay to the Plaza level, turn left, walk past the clock tower and across to the Metropolitan plaza using the pedestrian bridge. From the street level, walk up the steps adjacent to the Chipotle on Old Georgetown Rd., and turn left. Follow the signs to the Regional Services Center. Free parking is available in the County garage on Edgemoor Lane.)

  • Introduction to Marxism: Socialist Night School

    Mt. Pleasant Neighborhood Library

    “Capital is dead labor, which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.” This is how Marx, in one of his more literary moments, described the relation between capital and labor. Marx was predominantly a theorist of how capitalism worked, not what a future socialist society may look like. In this introduction to Marxism, which will strive to be light on jargon, we will focus on how Marxists view capitalism, how capitalist profit is rooted in the exploitation of labor, and how the class struggle is the result of this. The session will be led by Chip Gibbons, who is co-chair of the Metro DC DSA Political Education Working Group. He is also a journalist whose work has been published in Jacobin and the Nation.

  • Steering Committee (remote meeting)

    Needs a location

    Steering Committee meetings are open to any MDC DSA member who would like to attend. This is a REMOTE ONLY meeting: please RSVP and message the hosts so we can make arrangements to get you the appropriate videoconferencing URL. If you would like to submit an item for the agenda, please create a Red Desk ticket at https://reddesk.mdcdsa.org/ and select help topic: "Steering Meeting Agenda Item."

  • Metro DC DSA Monthly General Body Meeting

    Friends Meeting of Washington

    The monthly meeting of the Metro DC Democratic Socialists of America! The agenda will be distributed the week before the meeting.