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Dec. 7, 2017 1/12th of a steer.
Order early, easier to plan that way. You can see the drop off points here, will develop as we get orders in: Make sure you check out all the offers by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on "More meetups" until you do not see it there anymore, important. The pricing will be as follows: $145.83 Plus meatshare and paypalfee of $11.44=you pay $157.26 ===================================================================== Dec. 7, 2017 steer-10 1/10th of a steer. Done at Steiner. Hanging weight 353 lbs. Processing cost $425.7. $1.34 a pound. Only to show Processing cost, you pay $145.83 Ground beef 6 Stew meat 1 Rib steaks 1 Strip steaks 2 Sirloin steak 2 Tenderloins 1 Flat iron steak 1 London broil 1 Sirloin tip roast 1 Short ribs 1 Brisket 1 Shanks 1 Suet 2 Bones 1 Kidney 1 24.85 lbs. Average lbs. for all ten 24.51 lbs. $5.95 $145.83 ==========================================================

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Looking for healthy meat raised on pasture by small local farms? It's expensive, but by banding together to buy whole animals we can support farmers and save money. Each animal for sale is an "event" when you RSVP for the event, you will be able to order the meat. If you are interested in hosting a drop-off spot in your own neighborhood, let me know!

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