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Meatshare III: Lamb, chicken, and pork from B & Y Farms

Price: $52.00 /per person

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Meatshare 3 comes from Spencer, NY, in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Farmer Judy and her husband have followed evolutionary nutrition for eight years. They apply that same philosophy to their animals. All animals are humanely raised in pristine natural environments. Judy works with her butcher to produce products free from additives and to preserve all the healthy delicious fat.

The lambs are 100% grass-fed and pastured. Being of the Tunis breed, they are descended from ancient fat-tailed sheep from the Middle East. Tunis are known for their flavorful meat and delicious fat.

The pigs are Tamworth, a heritage breed known for delicious bacon. They are raised in the forest except for jaunts in the fields to glean leftover crops like cabbage.

Poulet Rouge chickens are free range and unlike the miserable Cornish chickens you find at the grocery store, full of delicious juicy flavor.

We will drive to Secaucus, NJ to pick up this meat on November 6th. If you come to the pickup you get first dibs on cuts, but you must bring a cooler and we would love it if you would help me and John get our meat back to our drop-off points in Park Slope or the UES since neither of us has a car of our own. If you can't come to the pick-up we have two drop-off points: one in Park Slope, the other on the Upper East Side. The Park Slope one will be at Prospect Park West and 3rd and 7 PM. Details for the UES one are forthcoming.

Your $52 deposit provides $50 worth of meat at these prices, bring cash when you pick up if you want the option to buy more. These meatshares are very difficult to price because we are dealing with so much unpredictability. We have no idea how much these animals will weigh in total. Your deposit allows us to guarantee payment for the farmer's work.

If we run low and you end up with less than $50 worth of meat we'll provide a refund for the money you didn't use.

In terms of pricing I've tried to price below Whole Foods/Farmer's Market prices so you can get a deal, but some cuts really are "premium" and they do cost more. Per lb price estimates are:
Chicken (whole)
Head (lamb)
Neck Bones (lamb)
Lamb Liver
Lamb Tongue
Lamb Tallow (lamb fat)
Pork Hock
Pork Chops
Pork ham
Pork Lard
Pork country-style ribs
Ham steaks
Pork shoulder
Pork apple cinammon sausage made with 100% pure, unsweetened apple butter & spices (no sugar added), Italian Sausage
Lamb Leg
Lamb Round bone shoulder chops
Lamb Stew Meat
Lamb Shoulder roast
Lamb Spare Ribs
Fresh lamb sausage with celtic sea salt, rosemary, coriander, nutmeg, fennel
Lamb Shank
Pork boston butt
$14 a lb
Lamb Rack
Lamb Rib chops
Pork tenderloin
Examples: Person X deposits $52. When they pick up they get $50 worth of meat: 1 lb rib chops, 3 lb pork chops, and 3 lbs neck bones for a total of 5 lbs meat.

Person X deposits $52. They pick up late and Melissa only has 2 lbs lamb shank left. They get that for $24 and Melissa gives them back $26 in cash.
Couple Y deposits $52. They have a big freezer so they decide to get 12.5 lbs chicken for $50. But they also want 2 lbs lard and even though they have never tried liver they take a chance and get half a lb , so they give Melissa $22.5 cash. They leave with 15 lbs meat.

Chef N orders a fresh quarter. He picks it up in New Jersey and sees the final weight is 25 lbs. He pays Melissa $75 ($125 minus initial deposit), goes back to his restaurant, and butchers it into final cuts himself.

Price covers butchering fee of $60 an animal for pigs/lamb, storage, and transportation. Philosophically, meatshare is about sharing meat: the work of getting it from farm to table, as well as risks and benefits of dealing with something alive and unpredictable. As is such, we cannot guarantee particular cuts unless you order a fresh quarter or whole chicken. Those driving to New Jersey will get first dibs.

Whole fresh quarters $9 a lb, never frozen, but you MUST be at the drop off, specify which quarter you want. They will be 15-30 lbs. The rest of the meat will be frozen.