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What we’re about

Mindfulness has enjoyed a tremendous surge in popularity in the past decades and we have plenty of incredible information of how to practice it.
Mindfulness helps our mind to strengthen confidence, emotional intelligence, concentration, mental clarity, self-control, objectivity, affect tolerance, enhanced flexibility, equanimity and the ability to relate to others and one's self with kindness, acceptance and compassion.
Other disciplines and practices can also cultivate mindfulness, such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong, but most of the literature has focused on mindfulness that is developed through mindfulness meditation - Those self-regulation practices that focus on training attention and awareness in order to bring mental processes under greater voluntary control and so, foster general mental well-being and development and/or specific capacities such as CALMNESS, Clarity and concentration.
(for more information in Walsh & Shapiro, 2006)
Most of the events will be done virtually but there will be plenty of retreats were the group can get together, practice different disciplines and guided meditation.