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Mysticism aims to bring people within themselves, moving beyond their hurts, fears, resentments, and mental concepts, to where they can come to know who they really are. From this place we can be fully at peace and experience our true potential as God beings and co-creators.

Mysticism is not a theology but honors real experience as the core of understanding and transformation. It is certainly not new. All of the major religions have always had their inner, mystical correlates. Buddhism has Zen, Islam has Sufism, Judaism has Kabbalah, Hinduism has contemplative Yoga, and Christianity has Christian mysticism.
The goal of the mystic is the same no matter what religion you belong to; to search for and delve into the radical and loving source of creation and to experience firsthand God?s love that dwells in all of us.

We are also getting together here because we want to meet others who are or want to be or in the search of living in their higher consciousness. We are here to create a safe place where ‘like-minded’ people can find support & acknowledgment on their own personal journey. Our goal is abundance in whatever form that is most important for you. Abundance and wealth are not just about money, it is also about love, health, purpose, community, richness of creativity & living creatively with all of it so that all those around us benefit as well. Abundance doesn't exclude money & financial success at all, abundance is all-inclusive. It is Energy. It is Power Source. It is our way to God’s Love. If you are curious, patient (or not :-), loving & accepting & want to experience a community that is growing in self-awareness & committed to creating a life that surpasses all old constraints, join us. We welcome all - knowing that we are attracting the best of the best!

IMPORTANT: An RSVP is a social commitment you make to the host of the event, the other guests and yourself. If your plans change, please be courteous by updating your RSVP as soon as possible. Thank you!

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we will start with meditation, talk and healing work on volunteers

Evening of Spirituality & Healing with Misha, Russian Bio- Energy Master and Intuitive Date: June not sure of exact date Come to experience the incredible power of group healing. Topic for this evening: How to survive and fly at the time of the big storm: how to deal and work with unstable reality. He is one of the most powerful energy masters we have ever experienced. It is a blessing to be treated by Misha, and we highly recommend having a session with him. - Leslie Temple-Thurston, Santa Fe, NM First thing that Misha does is opening a powerful healing channel that everyone in the room can to experience. He continues with a talk using the power of his healing voice. He channels information from the universe that comes as a message for that particular audience. He also does 10-15 mins short healing work that is very effective Come to relax and receive and also learn something new. Private sessions are available on December 20-22 in Santa Fe. More info on www.mishbe.com (http://www.mishbe.com/) Come to learn new stuff about Misha Bio-Energy and to receive short but very powerful healing. We are inviting you to participate in an event for deep healing and spiritual opening. This is an opportunity to receive help and support and to learn about bio-energy work from Misha by observing what he is doing and asking questions. Misha will start with a short meditation, then talk about his work, answer questions, and briefly work on anyone who wishes have him to do so. Meditation: Included. Sitting is Limited. Please Register in Advance! FREE Event for Meetup Group Members & their Friends (family members) Donations are Welcomed Misha is a Spiritual Teacher and Intuitive. He is a creator of unique healing method called Misha Bio-Energy. Comments from Previous Event on August 20: Patricia (http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Fe-Healing-Arts/members/156708912/) Powerful, Heartfelt, Incredible! A TRUE MASTER and Teacher. "Thank You - Thank You" it was an utter Delight meeting you and your Angelic, Gifted, Beautiful Daughter. With Gratitude ~ Patricia Norm Morrison (http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Fe-Healing-Arts/members/66662542/) Excellent http://www.meetup.com/Santa-Fe-Healing-Arts/events/196672922/ Misha will be available for private sessions on 4th, Saturday. Now also accepting credit cards for private sessions. PS If you have any questions or you want to make an appointment please call Yuliya at [masked] Our Website: www.mishbe.com (http://www.mishbe.com/) These days Misha is doing mostly Long Distance Healing workusing the picture of the person - when he is not in your area. Testimonials Jaw and Upper Back pain I am amazed at how i feel… My jaw is better and my posture is better… Wow… You and Yuliya make such an incredible healing team…… Donna, Fort Worth Severe right arm pain, swollen lymphatic nodes Charles had a severe right arm pain and could not use his arm much. After a session, he left with no pain. Over the course of next few weeks, his arms continued to improve. His lymph nodes were dissipating. He was very happy to play water volleyball with his friends. April, 2914 Dallas, TX On a Friday in October, 2011 I found myself in the ER with a gallbladder attack. The attending surgeon, after reviewing my ultrasound, said, “We should remove your gallbladder.” Knowing that it just so happened that Misha was coming to Taos that very afternoon, after consulting with the surgeon we scheduled surgery for Monday AM. Misha worked on me that afternoon and it was a battle royal. Wave after wave of pain arose in the gallbladder area and he pulled the pain out wave at a time. After that session, the pain was reduced maybe 30-40%. He then worked on me 4 more times over the weekend. By Monday morning, I was pain free, had no fever, my digestive system was functioning again and I was able to resume a simple diet. I was able to cancel the surgery and had my naturopathic physician confirm that my condition was stable and I could work dietarily. – Linley Solari Testimonial - Arthritis This is Rick from Grand Junction. Misha is a bio-energitic healer, the best I have encountered. My background with Misha might help give you an idea of what he does. I first met him in Ridgway CO. I had a badly swollen ankle from a 4 year situation with arthitis that inflamed my knees jand ankles on both legs. Well about 5 minutes into my first session I sat up and said this is the most relaxed I have ever been in my life. His ability to interact with my energy field was amazing and after about 6 sessions, very few joint problems. He is the most balanced and compassionate man I know. And of course, there are many stories of him helping others heal both emotional and physical troubles. - Rick Anderson, Grand Junction CO 10/12/09 Dearest Valentina and Misha I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (and the top too!) for the healing work you did with me last week. I feel that you helped me SO MUCH moving out so much pain and negative energy that I have been storing for a very long time. I have done much work with many people helping me but your work was without a doubt the MOST powerful and I feel that I am now open and freed of lots of pain that I have been suffering with that had affected myself, and of course, my son Sacha, as well as my other son Laurent. To be able to end this genetic cycle and free us all is huge for me. Thank you again, I am grateful and feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet you and your wonderful family Misha, Novato is beaming with love!!!! regards – Linda, California For more reports from people visit our testimonial page! If you like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you: [masked] Our Website: ([masked])www.mishbe.com (http://www.mishbe.com/) Hey yuliya, get the conversation started!

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Hi Luminosity Talk friends[masked] Here is an interesting free video from gaia.com. In this video 93 yr old William Tompkins, who helped the US develop a secret space program explains a few things. There are earlier versions of his talk that give more information as well. Corey Good who is interviewed by David Wilcock spent 20 years in the Solar Warden secret space program. This video is free for 48 hours. I will be sending you two more free videos. They are about 30 minutes each. Cosmic Disclosure https://give.gaia.com/ciz7hq3nt001201m9czpthows

The great Solar Flash
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https://give.gaia.com/cizdgfx9z001d01mf31nntwts Here is the second video from Gaia.com that I found very interesting. You will have 48 hours to view this 30 min video. Until Tuesday at 7 pm.

Antarctica - The Process for Disclosure
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Hello Luminosity Talk fans, Life is really going fast! So much is being disclosed and revealed. The cosmic waves hitting the planet are getting more intense. The old Schumann resonance of the earth of seven has peaked beyond fifty recently. We are in the middle of an information war, everyone being fed up with all the controlled lies of mainstream media and much more. Hang on to your hat this year is going to be a interesting year This is the last gifted video I can share from Gaia.com you will have until Monday at 2:00pm to finish this 30 min short video. I find the secret space programs being reveled so very interesting on Cosmic Disclosure ...maybe you will too. There is much more on gaia.com if this does not interest you. For 99 cents you can try out Gaia.com for one month to see if you like it as well. Gaia is a beautiful alternative site for so much interesting and usable programs. Cosmic Disclosure Antarctica: The Process for Disclosure S7:Ep8 28 mins Gift This Video Link https://give.gaia.com/cizlqj0yf003601mcbg9yzql7 Tune into the ongoing, weekly series of Cosmic Disclosure as David Wilcock interviews insider Corey Goode about the details of Corey’s 20-year participation in the Secret Space Program. ************************* Enjoy Friend, Lynnzie Luminosity Talks

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