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Your Conscious Classroom
Dr. Barbara Rousseau, PhD. will share her experience and revelations as an educator at Luminosity Talks on Sunday, October 21, 2018, at 1:30pm., at the Pagosa Community of New Thought Church, located in the Momentum 24-7 building, 40 North 15th St., Pagosa Springs. Her recent book will be available for purchase, “Your Conscious Classroom: The Power of Self Reflection”. Dr. Barbara Rousseau’s exploration into the maze of educational theories, strategies, and curriculum left her with a feeling we were ‘missing the mark’ with kids. What was it? How can teachers reach and inspire students beyond instruction? The answer seemed so close yet was so elusive. An unexpected opportunity for a sabbatical emerged at a residential school in the jungles of Thailand. A cohort of English-speaking professionals, not limited to teachers, gathered twice annually to instruct English to the Thai children. In this warm culture of ‘happy smiles’ characterized by a culture that lives within the heart—not so much the head—all learning concepts effortlessly evaporated. The walls compartmentalizing the mind, body, spirit dissolved. All that was left, she explains, was ‘infinite consciousness’. Returning to the United States as a classroom instructor and university student teacher ‘liaison’, Dr. Rousseau says the experiences in Southeast Asia led to her transformative research: how teachers must first themselves ‘awaken’ in order for their classrooms to change. She reports that one of her dissertation committee members was stunned, “I attempted to do what you’re planning for your study, Barbara. I couldn’t do it. How can you measure consciousness?” She replied that consciousness itself cannot be measured. Reframing personal responses to situations lead to a new way of understanding. However, this is a result of self-reflection. Everyone is capable, but it requires a willingness to be open to the unexpected. This is not always comfortable; releasing old concepts and beliefs for a new way of “being” to emerge takes courage. Dr. Barbara (Milicevic) Rousseau is a retired classroom K-12 teacher, ESL certified and has taught multi-cultural populations. Her credits include language arts, holding advanced degrees in education. She is a life-time member of Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the recipient of three scholarships for her dissertation research, “Teacher Transformation”. Dr. Rousseau is a public speaker and published author of inspirational books and articles. She is certified with the Kundalini International Teachers Association as a 30 year legacy instructor. Luminosity Talks is a not-for-profit group that presents innovative speakers and films to educate, inspire and inform. All are invited to this free event and donations are welcome.

Pagosa Community of New Thought Church (located in the Momentum 24-7 building)

40 North 15th St, (near bottom of Putt Hill) · Pagosa Springs, co

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Mysticism & Meditation

Mysticism aims to bring people within themselves, moving beyond their hurts, fears, resentments, and mental concepts, to where they can come to know who they really are. From this place we can be fully at peace and experience our true potential as God beings and co-creators.

Mysticism is not a theology but honors real experience as the core of understanding and transformation. It is certainly not new. All of the major religions have always had their inner, mystical correlates. Buddhism has Zen, Islam has Sufism, Judaism has Kabbalah, Hinduism has contemplative Yoga, and Christianity has Christian mysticism.
The goal of the mystic is the same no matter what religion you belong to; to search for and delve into the radical and loving source of creation and to experience firsthand God?s love that dwells in all of us.

We are also getting together here because we want to meet others who are or want to be or in the search of living in their higher consciousness. We are here to create a safe place where ‘like-minded’ people can find support & acknowledgment on their own personal journey. Our goal is abundance in whatever form that is most important for you. Abundance and wealth are not just about money, it is also about love, health, purpose, community, richness of creativity & living creatively with all of it so that all those around us benefit as well. Abundance doesn't exclude money & financial success at all, abundance is all-inclusive. It is Energy. It is Power Source. It is our way to God’s Love. If you are curious, patient (or not :-), loving & accepting & want to experience a community that is growing in self-awareness & committed to creating a life that surpasses all old constraints, join us. We welcome all - knowing that we are attracting the best of the best!

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